Share your Chanel 19s iridescent haul

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  1. Dear all,

    I just scored medium flap in iridescent blue from Melbourne Australia. As we know 19s iridescent collection is so popular n not easy to score. I just wonder what you guys scored in 19s iridescent collection and where did you score from?
    Please feel free to share below...

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  2. I don’t have anything from this collection but it sure is stunning! Congrats and enjoy!!
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  3. Beautiful!
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  4. Congrats on your lovely iridescent CF! :happydance: Love how it shimmers in the sunlight :loveeyes:
    Here is my far :graucho::giggle:

    Pink CF and flap wallet: Bloomingdales, NYC, USA
    Pink key holder: Ordered by my SA (Chanel San Francisco, USA)

    Beige flap wallet: Neiman Marcus, San Francisco, USA

    8356293B-853C-4A57-B69C-119624E4450F.jpeg BAEEA091-D540-4D04-9092-565B8A7277D4.jpeg
  5. WOW. I don't have anything from this collection, but this color is stunning!!!
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  6. Iridescent pink looks so good fro your photo. I was after iridescent beige small flap and Mona Lisa Card Holder,unfortunately I didn’t score any in my list. But I still got the luck to bring Iridescent blue Flap home. I dressed iridescent blue Flap with white stripe top, pair of jeans and white converse. It works so well on my daily outfit.

    You have a very popular 19s iridescent collection.
  7. Thank you ... i didn’t see many people talking about iridescent blue and I really hope people can realize this iridescent blue is beautiful.
  8. 99831C71-A8CA-4DA0-B170-A93406F48D5F.jpeg I’m so obsessed with this iridescent pink! I’m on a serious hunt for some slgs to go with my flap
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  9. IMG_0362.JPG sharing my first 19S purchase! (Saying it’s the first because I have a feeling it won’t be the last.. oops!)
  10. i started with this yesterday, it comes with a chain like a mini WOC and is super cute

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  11. then i enabled my mom to get the iridescent blue cause it was breathtakingly beautiful

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  12. today i lucked out and managed to get the small flap in the iridescent blue and im estatic at the find!!! sorry for the multiple posts but just wanted to share my joy (and help enable those who are on the fence like how the other lovely pics on TPF has helped me)

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  13. My green sparkly 19s iridescent bag [emoji172]

    IMG_3641.JPG IMG_3631.JPG
  14. That "blue".... is such a calming tone.
    Feels like sunset reflecting on the crystal blue waters of the Pacific....
    Its.... Happily Ever After ( like I mentioned earlier
    .. ) Congratzz moilesmots! !!!
  15. Got these two beauties.
    They truly are amazing with the “iridescent mermaid” effect [emoji173]️
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