Share your buys from this sale season!

  1. Hi everybody I hope everyone is enjoying the (pre) sale season for designer items which has started and continue on this week...I thought I would love to open a thread for what we got home this season summer 2012. Please share what you bought, where you bought and the price!- pics most welcomed! :p
  2. Fantastic idea! I cannot wait to see everyone's buys.. :smile:
  3. I will post mine later when i receive my stuff! Cn't wait!
  4. wonderful~
  5. oh, i did not buy any bag, what a miss!
  6. Just a couple pics from what I have stored in my phone. Other pics coming later of smaller items.

    Med blue Givenchy Nightingale / returned, im sad
    Military green AM padlock bucket bag
    Dark blue Prada satchel
    image-2297138545.jpg image-751248006.jpg image-638621519.jpg
  7. I bought two "MAJOR" items this season

    1) A black leather Gucci Wallet, bought at Nordstrom Mall of America, ON SALE!!

    2) An ESQ by Movado watch, bought at Herbergers ( Bon Ton) in Edina, MN
    image-4084971057.jpg image-3242926534.jpg