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Share your Birkin's wear and tear and other aging issues


Mar 10, 2021
Hi PF friends, just want to verify whether you're experiencing the same thing for your old B's perhaps? Mine has some sort of breaking happening at both ends of the flap-- spine part of the bag. To give you a bit of context. My B40 is 6 years old now since I got it in 2018. I would like to assume that this is part of the normal deterioration of the material? I mean even B's aren't forever right? I would appreciate your thoughts and your own experience, if you have time to share it. Thank you!

IMG20231120120144.jpg IMG20231120120121.jpg IMG20231120120052.jpg IMG20231120120248.jpg


Feb 9, 2006
Thank you! It doesn't really bother me as much because I know my bag is 6 years old. Though I'd like to hear from other B owners. I appreciate you. Kisses.
6 years old in the Hermès world is brand spanking new! These bags last a life time, of course if they're not too badly treated! The resin on your bag can be fixed by the Hermès spa without any problem.