Share your biggest CL heartbreak.. The ones you love, but can't seem to wear.

  1. OMG really?!? I feel like I can RUN in my MBB!!
  2. funny how each of us are different, these shoes mentioned are all ones that i love LOL and i find my 160 maggies fairly comfy but can't really do VPs!

    i love my 120 mbp:p

    mbb is probably my most comfy CLs

    i have a black kid pair of decolzeps and love them!

    yeah i think it's the metal/glass pieces :sad:
  3. Sad to say that my black and violet suede Bibi's are killer. My ankles just can't deal with the pitch.
  4. Absolutely cannot do VPs

  5. I know. It makes me sad. :cry: I'll be getting rid of some of them, there is no use for them to be sitting there & unworn.
  6. I thought I was the only one Sammi!! VPs seem to be so comfy for most.
  7. My indigo VPs - I went 1/2 size down and they're MURDER on my toes.

    Furiously trying to stretch as I type this. >_<
  8. I absolutely adore the Armadillo's. I first bought them in black and noticed they pinched my pinky toes - couldn't survive a day in them. I own about pairs of Loubie's and never experienced that before. I thought it was just a fluke with just that particular pair and stupidly bought them in luggage. Same problem! I'm so bummed because I love the d'orsay style and the pleating.
  9. Second this! Pigalle 120 and picks and co which I love but they are so painful even to stand
  10. Two pairs for me:

    - Decolzeps, I tried 4 sizes in these (both patent and suede) but could not make them work! In 37 and 37.5 I could even fit my foot in them! (I'm 37 TTS in CLs)

    - Catwoman, def on of my fave CLs ever. I got them in 36.5 (due to heel being 130mm) but: a) the pitch was way to steep b) lenght was fine but could not fit my somewhat wide feet in them.

    They both went to a lovely lady here.
  11. Multi Glitter Titis, the KILL me. I wore them for New Years dinner and just about cried.
  12. The most painfull breakup for me was letting my Maggies go, I had the original tobacco/black colorway and loved them, but the metal cap is painful. I was gutted when I sold them.
  13. I think they are comfy but the height/pitch/platform is just too much for me, I feel very unstable and trip alot :sad: :sad: I wish I could master them like you ladies!
  14. :hugs::smooch::sad:

    This is a perfect description. I feel you, girl :cry:.
  15. pigalle 120, rolando and vp are the most uncomfortable to me (in that order).