Share Your Authenticity Knowledge!!!!!

  1. Please use this thread to document the differences between the AUTHENTIC GUCCIS VS.The FAKES.
  2. I hope it's ok to post here. I've only been into Gucci for the past 2 years and wouldn't consider myself an expert but I'll share what I know.

    1. Black Gucci Card (size of a business card) = FAKE:yucky: They try to mimic Chanel which does this. This is your biggest sign.

    2. For Vintage Gucci - Aegiale on eBay has an excellent ME page.:jammin:
    aegiale eBay Store About My Store

    3. I have taken some pictures of the front and backs of my Gucci tags and watermarked them. I put the front and back of the tags of the same bag right next to each other. They are ALL from Gucci or Sak's so they are authentic. I hope this helps as it seems like a lot of fakes don't get the fonts right. See my notes in the 2nd pic.

    4. Don't post authenticity questions in this thread. Use the Authenticate this thread :idea: and someone will try to help you.



  4. Hi,

    I just went to Aegiale's eBay store and there's nothing there. Do you happen to know if she sells randomly or consistently?

  5. Great thread! Thank you!
  6. I always go by the 2's. It hasnt failed me yet.

  7. I'm a newbie and am trying to learn how to authenticate Gucci but one thing I noticed from looking at these tag pics is that on the "made in italy" part of the tag, the D in made is approx. twice the height of the a; same with the L in italy. Can someone verify this?
  8. I have been going through the authenticity threads and I was curious about fonting of serial numbers. I decided to have a look at my Abbey Shoulder Bag to look at the font. I bought this bag personally from the Melbourne Gucci boutique and as you can see from the photos, there is no curiviness in the "2" 's. There is in the "3" 's though. I bought this from the Gucci boutique and paid full price for it so I know it is authentic. If I hadn't I would be crying right now going by the posts.

    Conclusion: The "2" 's aren't always curvy.
    IMG_2446.JPG IMG_2448.JPG
  9. I also responded to you in the other Gucci Authenticity Thread. Thanks for bringing this up as I really use the serial# fonts as a big factor in my decisions.

    With what you posted, I think everyone has to take into account so many factors when authenticating. We definitely know for sure that BLACK GUCCI CONTROLLATO CARD means fake.

    People really need to research the seller, feedback and what other things they are selling or have sold, the item, item price, serial#, details etc. I always thought it was so hard to authenticate Gucci. And this makes it even tougher! Seriously, I never buy any Gucci bags from eBay.. It's so hard! I've sold my Gucci bags but never bought any on Ebay.
  10. correct me if i'm wrong.. but i think they care about the arrangement of their GG fabric too. (e.g. comparing the number of horizontal GG in the two same bags) of course this is the first step everyone should take before they look at the inside tags. its a very easy tell tale sign!
  11. Hi ladies, :smile:

    I had to authenticate a bag recently and in my opinion, it was a pretty good fake. I emailed the seller a pdf pointing out the key differences. For those of you learning to authenticate, I've attached it so you can have a look.

    I thought since I've created the file, no point just moving it to my recycle bin, I might as well post it here as well. Hope it helps! :okay:

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  12. kavnadoo, your document is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    Sometimes I go w/ the number "9" if there are no 3s or 2s. The "9" usually isn't round on the bottom right, and it applies to the "6" too, just like an upside down "9".
  13. Ah... I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip. I'm trying to train myself.
  14. Yes! Great Document. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  15. I wanted to add that I was at the Gucci store last night and saw on the Gucci hats that there are BLACK gucci tags dangling from the hats. This is not to be confused with fake Black Gucci Controllato cards.