Share Your Amazing November 18 Vuitton Purchases!

  1. A new month begins!
    Share with us your fabulous, fantastic, phenomenal Louis Vuitton purchases! Let’s see some precious treasures, small treats, and amazing finds!
  2. Went to pick up 2 other items today :P
    My SA also gave me 2 packs of little cards/bookmarks(?), lovely!!
    20181101_153512_mh1541058118312.jpg 20181101_154443.jpg
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  3. Awwww the kitty card cut outs are super super cute. :love: would be a lovely touch if they gave them out to all the clients who bought a catogram piece. Love your choices :smile:
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  4. Contributing with my newest addition!! My friend brought this back for me from her vacation to Paris...MIF rose poudre Pochette Metis IMG_0131.jpg
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  5. Thank you, @fabuleux and @Missydora ;)
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  6. IMG_1408.jpg

    My 3rd Speedy
    4th Speedy ordered (My World Tour)
    2nd cles
    2nd phone cover for my new X
  7. Beautiful color. Enjoy your new bag! :smile:
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  8. I love all your new purchases! :smile:
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  9. Love your purchases. How nice of your SA to give you those! Enjoy. :smile:
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  10. Thank you, @Johnpauliegal :smile:
    I was very pleasantly surprised to get them too :amuse:
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  11. What stickers did you get on your MWT?
  12. I’m kinda boring... Just got my initials in black and red. I did MWT bc I love the black leather with monogram.
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  13. Here is my little contribution IMG_1423.jpg IMG_1419.jpg IMG_1420.jpg
  14. Something simple just for my Mono Eclipse fix