Share your all time favorite Clothes/shoes/bags

  1. Share some pictures of your all time favorite items from your wardrobe.

    -A Thiery Mugler dress, that Samantha wore on Sex & the City---got on markdown at a Saks sale!
    -A Dolce & Gabbana trench (the same one Carrie wore when she fell on the runway on SATC)

  2. lol i recognized the dolce trench immediately!

    i don't really do designer clothes since i'm in college and all my money is focused on bags, ha, but i'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's fabulous things :smile:
  3. I haven't got a pix, but I love my white Burberry trench. It isn't cut like the traditional heavier style, exudes a much more modern feel.
  4. Ok, I don't have any fabulous designer clothes...and my all time favorite dresses are not on digital film, so I'd have to scan them. But here is my all time favorite halloween costume (I LOVE the twenties!) and an Ann Taylor dress I like for spring:smile:
    P1010001Mary Hal szd and cropped.jpg dressP1010219.jpg
  5. omg! i love that trench! i recognized it immediately! i love that eppy. :biggrin: