Share your 2018 bag offers!

  1. happy birthday!
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  2. $29k + tax, Canadian dollars.

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  3. Thank you Ang-Lin.... another year older

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  4. I personally like GA better than Etoupe, as GA has a little bit hint of lavender (as some ladies mentioned on Ig). You can only see it in certain light, not in the H store though. I have a B in GA ghw, and a C in Etoupe ph. I probably wouldn't want GA and Etoupe both in the B, as they are very similar colors. Definitely not the same for sure, but under certain light, they are very similar. If you have never seen this color in person, I would at least take the opportunity to take a look and see how you like this color in person. Please keep us posted. :biggrin:
  5. Did you post a photo somewhere? Want to see ;)
  6. Yes! In the b25 clubhouse but here it is...can I just say I fell really hard for this color and I am not a bright color petson (though I also have hydra and love it!).

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  7. I did say yes to a couple of smaller bags. A Clemence Evelyn tpm in vert vertigo and a swift jige in Rose pourpre did come home with me. :biggrin:
  8. I would freak out if given that many options on the spot! Congrats on your marriage and the amazing offers!
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  9. This is awesome though. Just like the flood of constance before the holidays. Just glad I benefited on both! Lol!
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  10. My SA was trying to sell me gris asphalt when I added Etoupe on my wishlist. I even tried on a GA Kelly double tour to see how it would look on me. I feel that GA is more desaturated while Etoupe has some brown undertones. I know she offered GA as an alternative because Etoupe is so hard to acquire. She said that many people are purchasing GA instead as it is a nice substitute. I respectfully declined GA and was adamant for Etoupe. Nonetheless, my Etoupe baby arrived a week after my initial inquiry!

    Long story short: while ga can be viewed as an substitute, nothing is the same as Etoupe! I feel like you have good neutrals in your collection already, so you should wait for the holy grail :smile:
  11. No to a malachite?! I hope you get your b30 soon!
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  12. I know! It was so hard to say no to both of those beauties. But I already have two 35s, so I had to remain strong. :biggrin:
  13. Omg I'm so excited for you!!!!!!! I absolutely love this color especially in a b25!!! Aren't we also twins on malachite??!!

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  14. I hope you got it! GA is great because the stitching matches. A lot of people don’t like the light stitching for etoupe. But it’s all preference! Keep us posted!!! GA is a great neutral color!
  15. Was it very expensive?