Share your 2018 bag offers!

  1. B25 rose pourpre! Came home with me!

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  2. Was offered a
    B35 verso Clemence blue nuit/Rose pourpre with phw. Nope.
    B35 Epsom malachite. Nope. Holding out for a B30. *le sigh*
  3. Can't hurt to go have a look!
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  4. Woot woot! We’ll be twins soon!
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  5. Yep, i agree, check it out first before you decide.
  6. Gris Asphalte > Etoupe. Easily.
  7. You must go see the bag. There is a strong chance you may like the color even better! It is stunning!!
  8. I got offered in my local hermes store a birkin 30 Patchwork in emerald green croc with rose azalee interior. It has 6 different leather finishing in one bag. I said NOPE. It's a special bag but it's not to my liking! It look like this...

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  9. Thanks Rhl2987 & LoubsandLulu. Will check it out. I just know that Etoupe is a 'classic' color so not sure if long term I would miss the classic nature of it. Though I have heard that many love the color of GA! So will be interesting to see.
  10. It is a stunning bag but I like the simplicity of bags too.
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  11. Kelly sellier 28 rose poupre Phw.
    Took it home with me. Happy dance.
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  12. Looks like a lot of Rose Poupre have been offered already
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  13. Also got B30 Rose Poupre Phw today... Just in time for my birthday :smile:
  14. It's an amazing color!! Good luck :smile:
  15. Can you please share the price? This is stunning!