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  1. PHW!!! "Luckily" this never found me or my wallet is going to cry!! So modern! Congrats and show us more pics so that I can drool in front of my compouter!! :tup::tup:
  2. Taupe (not etoupe) birkin 30 -passed
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  3. Was it with phw? This combo is stunning for those of us that can't wear etoupe. Sigh. Does anyone know is taupe a classic that they always produce or only for certain markets? I had to turn one down once in Paris since it was too big for me 35. But it lingers!
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  4. I finally found some time to post a reveal and you are correct. Trying to capture its beauty in photos was one of the most frustrating things I've done! Lol
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  5. YAAASSSSS! Stand your ground babe!

    It's almost my bday and I asked my SA to offer me a bag. She turns around and asks me for options. Quite a good "offer" in the bigger scheme of things but I was hoping she'd help me out by narrowing it down. :confused1:

    She said no go on the malachite.
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  6. This is a bag only the owner gets to enjoy her full beauty. Such a privilege! ;)
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  7. Argh! So frustrating!
  8. That's a fantastic way to look at it.
  9. Sorry, Israeli_Flava. I did not see your post until now. Here is it. IMG_1500514782.243694.jpg
  10. B25 togo Malachite ghw --> pass
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  11. I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but today I got a call from my new SA with an offer for a B30 barenia with PHW. She ended up being Faubourg and, of course, she came home with me. It was like a welcome present for moving to a new city, and my SA just won me over for life!! :love:
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  12. That's amazing! Congrats on your new baby!
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  13. Walked in with my good friend who was looking for a scarf and the SM brought this baby out...
    It took a lot to walk away from this beauty!
    B30 Etain
  14. I just got a Black Box K28 a couple weeks ago. It wasn't even on my radar and I guess the store had a push order so you never know! I think its best to stick to what you want and not buy a bag for the sake of buying one unless you love all the specs. Sending you some good luck in hopes the store will get a Box!!
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