Share your 2017 Bag Offers

  1. Easy - take the box. I would defer my current B30 request in a nanosecond if I was offered the box kelly.
  2. Box kelly is so beautiful. I would take it
  3. I would take the K28 box in a heartbeat! Box is rare to come by and hardly offered. Grab the chance!
  4. I listened to all the wise advice here and just about died when I saw her in person. The leather is actually sombrero which is very box like but not quite as fussy. The veining on the bag is amazing. Thank you all for the nudge in the right direction!!!!
  5. Obviously stay tuned for a reveal. . I knew she was kind of a big deal when the woman who just took delivery of her SO stared in awe and asked if she could see her.
  6. Congratulations! So Glad you decided to get her! I'll wait patiently for your reveal pics! Enjoy enjoy! :smile:
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  7. Yay! I can't wait for the reveal! Major congrats
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  8. Omg sounds amazing and pls post pics immediately!! My outstanding SO is bleu obscur sombrero K28 sellier so dying to see any and all photos...MAJOR congratulations!!!!
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  9. OMG! Sombrero!! I'm so glad that you're taking it! I almost became your cousin ( was offered sombrero black GHW but turned down). It is one very very fine bag and so chic that everyone will be staring at you admiring your bag. I'm planning to SO one someday when the time is right. Big big congrats! Can't wait to see your reveal though it's not so easy to capture its beauty with camera! Enjoy it in the best of health!
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  10. Omg you are so lucky! I want a BE B25 too! I think you can use a bag insert, it will keep the shape better.
  11. Sombrero is out these days ... been offered k25 bleu obscur sombrero with palladium hardware ... and since it was the exact combo i was wishing to so next season ... came home with me !!
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  12. IMG_1500137798.371846.jpg
  13. I bought a rouge h sombrero Kelly within the last year too. I love sombrero.
  14. I'll try to post action pics !
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