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  1. I'm glad to know this about craie in epsom. I would love a bag in craie but never really considered it because of color transfer fears. Do you still get transfer (like from dark denim) with epsom?
  2. Omg craie C! . Please please please get this one. It's sooooo gorgeous. Crushing on craie big time right now lol.

    Let us know what you decide!
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  3. This is not really an "offer". When I turned down the sombrero Kelly that SA offered, we were chatting and decided to transfer in a sac a depeche in an interesting combo they saw on the system. So I went in to experience this unique combo with them the other day. It is gorgeous. A sombrero blue obscur with box Indigo and epsom indigo stripes. Brushed palladium (?) hardware. The different levels of sheens and subtle differences in blues are sophistication. Too bad hubby said he much prefers something with a strap. Or I'll have something that I can gift him and "carry for him" :P :P

    SAs in my store said they've never seen a bag like this, so I thought I'll share and some of you collectors might be interested.
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    Blue electric clemence birkin 30 PHW! My holy grail is a birkin 30 in BE togo GHW. clemence is a little slouchier and heavier than togo but is on my list of leathers I do like.

    I think someone mentioned BE would come in epsom as well but not togo? this fall. Do you guys feel like BE is generally more vibrant in clemence or epsom? I prefer a more vibrant blue. Would you take a BE birkin 30 in clemence or wait for a more structured leather like togo or epsom? I think if the color is more bright and saturated I would be OK with a slouchier bag compared to a less vibrant colored but more structured bag.

    Also, I was open to both hardwares but really prefer gold. If everything else looks good, I'm debating if I should take this bag or wait and see if I'm lucky enough to get offered one with gold hardware. What if I lose the chance to get another offer for BE birkin 30? First world problems. lol. Going to see it tomorrow and will need to decide quickly before flying out of town. My sales associate cannot hold it past tomorrow.

    What should I do???
  5. I think recent Clemence birkins are not that slouchy and a bag insert would help too! I think if you fall in love, TAKE!
  6. I think BE with phw is better than with ghw since BE already bright and saturated colour and phw will help tone down a bit and more elegant look
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  7. Can you ask your SA/SM what other BE Birkins they've ordered at podium, if any?
  8. My clemence B30 is stiff. I don't overload nor do I have insert but I don't find it any diff than togo. Honestly. The diff is in the texture.... clemence hand is softer, more texture, tiny bit heavier...

    I also think BE looks great with either HW.
    I'd def take it!
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  9. Thanks for all your advice ladies. I asked my sales associate yesterday and she is not sure what other leathers this store will get in BE Birkin. I think that you guys are right that clemence should be fine. Even if this particular bag is slightly more slouchy I can use a bag insert. Hopefully I won't feel like the bag is too heavy or else I can just workout more Haha. And I do agree that BE looks good with PHW too even if I had initially envisioned my holy grail birkin with GHW. I'm so lucky to be finally offered my dream color and hopefully it will be love at first .
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  10. @allure244 below is a pic of BE in both Togo and Clemence which I had posted on my Instagram account. Left is Togo while right is Clemence.
    Clemence takes color better than Togo or Epsom, so it'll be more vibrant. Personally I prefer Clemence for BE between these two options. Otherwise Swift is my favourite of all leathers for this color! :P As for hardware, while I generally prefer ghw, BE is one that in my opinion either would work just as well. Definitely go in and take a look for yourself! ;)
  11. weN84, that was very helpful to see. Thank you. I had tried to find pictures on tpf and online for side by side pics of different types of leather in BE but was unsuccessful. From the BE Clemence and epsom I have seen on other bags and SLGs at different times I do remember thinking BE was more vibrant in clemence. And with your comparison of clemence vs. Togo it seems BE in clemence is the way to go if I'm looking for the most vibrant hue. Now I'm even more excited to see the bag!!!
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  12. Need to decide. I was offered a K28 box w ghw in blue obsecure. I've been wanting a B30 and already got a K28 in gold this year but box strikes me as a really special/elegant leather. Help

    The only B30 they have is in fauve. If I could go back to feb and swap out the k28 gold for the b30 fauve it would be perfect and I could easily justify both. I work in an office environment and navy's serve as my blacks. I'm afraid if I pass I won't have another box offer any time soon. I do want it for my long term collection but had my heart set on a B30 in etain.
  13. I'll take the Box kelly! So special, and in blue obscur! That is almost black! Like having 2 bags in 1!

    And when I said I would take the Box Kelly, I meant I wanna buy it for myself! LOL!

    Goodluck deciding!
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  14. I'll take it. Kelly + Box + blue obscur is like hitting the jackpot. Etain B30 will come someday, but this combo probably only cross paths with you once in a blue moon. Box is TDF, and Blue obscur is très chic.
  15. I guess the Mods moved my post since I was asking about the aging of swift.

    - I should have said-- I have been offered a B25 BE in swift leather with GHW. Which means that BE is coming in already! Should I take it? I am afraid of the swift leather losing it shape.
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