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  1. This is a great way to think-everything else is perfect-leather & size and this dream color. I've been sat with my malachite KD (ghw!) with my H Neo boot lock in phw up against it mentally adjusting and I think I'm there so now getting excited to meet this long awaited beauty!
  2. I think you're right!
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  3. This color distinction is a great way to think about it so thank you for this. Both my etoupe and gold B's are ghw. I sold on a K28 in gold with phw unused because I just couldn't settle the choice once I got her home so a bit burnt by that experience but I do think this is different given the beauty of malachite and I'll keep your words in my head "jewel tone"!

    Now Gris store told me about it & I was super excited by the sound of it as well! I'm beyond excited for that call later in the year as I have it coming in a Constance (I still don't have one!) and with rghw which just sounds amazing! I love how H brings out these new colors replacing or adding to our existing wishlist!!
  4. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGawshhhhhh!!! This is such a such a stunning Constance darling!!!!!!!!!!!! I know u must be on cloud 100000000009!!!!!!!!!!!! I desperately want a C24 and this is a dreamy leather/color/hw combo! Congrats on the bag and the promotion!!!!
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  5. Such a beauty!! Is this Togo leather?
  6. Thanks love!! I am wishing everyday that it stops raining so I can take this pinky girl out! Congrats on your baby craie! That color is #1 on my SO wishlist!
  7. This is SO PRETTY kathydep! Congrats!
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  8. I am :P

    This is so true...the jewel tones (which are almost jewel neutrals) have an inherent richness which can either warm up with GHW (looks classic, can look very luxe but can be a bit bright/over the top) or cool down with PHW (looks modern, emphasizes the color). I think PHW strikes a bit more contrast with malachite and makes the color "boom". (Malachite is also the stone that protects travelers and promotes creativity and success in business - I carry a malachite stone on business trips - so it is a lucky color!.)
  9. Today is the day! On my way to the city to see her now! I love your info about malachite as I have a job interview today as well so basically I NEED to take the bag for career success!!
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  10. Latest offer ... and I caved.
    Presenting my new K32 in Cuivre with GHW. ️ The color is surprisingly versatile and seems a good middle ground between gold and orange. Need the to help brighten up my days!!

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  11. This is a great color and photos do not do it justice. One regret -- not buying a cuivre evercolor roulis I saw in the boutique. Been pining for it ever since. Enjoy your beatiful bag.
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  12. Thanks so much!
  13. Beautiful! Congratulations
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