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  1. WOW! So happy for you (and a tad jealous)! I think RA looks fab with any HW. Can't wait to see pics of that Connie.
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  2. Offered Bordeaux sac Roulis mini with phw. I turned it down. :sad:
  3. RA in C24 & a rodeo? You hit the jackpot! I admire your persistance of waiting for the right one to come along, thats tough to do. Hope you'll get your lovelies soon & enjoy your trip go Spain.
  4. So many of you know that I'm dying for malachite. Was offered a B40 Togo Malachite PHW. I've decided that I only want one B40 in my collection (gold, PHW) and that I prefer 35s. So as much as it pained me, I passed! Reading @kathydep's posting, I will be patient
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  5. K28 bleu paon phw
    mini Halzan saint cyr
    Halzan bleu paon
    Halzan barenia fauve
    TPM Evelyne colvert
    TPM Evelyne Amazone (forgot the color, vaguely remember something dark)

    turned down all the above

    K35 verso Gris Mouette / Bleu Agate
    Evelyne PM Amazone Veau Grizzly

    took these 2
  6. It wasn't easy but I rooting for you! If I may share another offer I got today... a promotion! Yay!!
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    Congratulations on your promotion and your Evercolor RA Constance 24 @kathydep! I can't wait to see your new beauty! :love:
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  8. I am beyond jealous a RA Constance in evercolor? ! Congrats! Can't wait to see
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  9. SO THRILLED for you!!!! Huge congrats, friend!!!
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  10. MAJOR MAJOR Congrats to you!!
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  11. The H gods are trying to tempt my bag edit and downsizing.

    Gris Mouette Togo K28 PHW. I wish I loved this color as much as many seem to.
    K32 Togo GHW in a really pretty off-green, like Canopée but greyer - SA seemed clueless on the color name, maybe it's new?
    Egees PHW in shiny black croc (not gator!) and in a pale grey swift that I was told is Mouette but I think that SA is wrong, it was a very, very light grey....I almost caved on this one
    B30s in Orange H Togo (it does not seem to be rested or else this is old stock) and a bright orangey pink Epsom, maybe Geranium?? All GHW.
    B25 Craie GHW (what is it with the GHW?)
    And of course the Pharrell sized croc HAC :P
  12. The K32 sounds like Origan and perhaps the light gray is Gris Perle? Orangey pink could likely be Jaipur.
  13. I wouldnt have been able to resist craie!
  14. Oh yay!! Congratulations on your promotions! :nuts: Sounds like a great month for you :heart:
  15. Yes, I thought the green was Origan as well. The orange pink was NOT RJ, though.
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