Share your 10 motif necklaces...

Hey everyone I’ve been thinking of adding a ten motif to my collection but I’m so stuck because there are so many beautiful pieces from guilloche, agate, MOP and hammered gold which one is the best choice? If you could do first to last choice that would be amazing
I have both mop and hammered in YG. Love both of them. I reach out to mop more these days as it is more fun! I feel that it adds some glow! While hammered is beautiful and care free, you might get bored of it in a couple of years, imo.
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Quick question, how do most of you wear the 10 motif as a choker? I've been debating between a 10 and 20 motif (worn wrapped double around the neck), but in some of the pictures I've seen the 10 motif can dangle loosely and be too big to be a choker. Do you guys clip it at 9 motifs and leave one dangling or do you get links taken out?
hi! I do like wearing my 10 as a chocker mainly because I also stack it and it keeps the malachite out of the way. I do this by clipping it right before the 9th motif (there is a pic of me on page 17)

I kept it at its standard length because its lovely when worn on the collar and i didnt want to mess with the integrity of the design.
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Hello the all pave has been on my wishlist forever. I was wondering does it flip a lot like when wearing? I noticed there a couple motifs flipped in your photo? Thank you.
It flips. I find it is not very noticeable in white gold, because both sides look similar unless you are really searching for it, for yellow gold and rose gold I notice it more.