Share the subject of your senior undergrad and/or master's theses!

  1. Title explains it all. Tell us the topic of your thesis and a short blurb about it if you wish. I'll share mines if I get some participation. :blush:
  2. Fun topic!
    Undergrad - Mergers & Acquistions. I have a BA in Legal Aspects of Business.
    Masters - Expanding a business to International Markets. MBA emphasis in marketing
  3. Undergrad: BA Spanish: My paper (in Spanish) was about revolutionary Latin American literature

    Master's: MEd: Student Ownership of learning through participation in student-led/directed Book Clubs
  4. We are smart and bag lovers!
    Masters, Health Care Administration: A study on utilization of emergency room services by the uninsured.
  5. Undergrad--(BA Finance)-- Interest Rate Models

    Masters--(MSc Economics and Finance)-- Structure and Regulation of Financial Markets
  6. Oh, I'm intrigued! Please share more.
  7. No undergrad, elementary education, so just an internship.

    My master's (educational technology & instructional design) mini thesis topic had to do with how universities are helping student teachers implement the technology training they receive in their undergrad studies.
  8. I'm still an undergrad; I'm graduating this year. My uni has standard majors and also gives the option of creating an individualized major. I choose the latter. My major I created is Philosophy and Research Methods in the Humanities. My senior thesis discusses how Descartes, Leibniz and Kant present an evolving conception of the Divine in intellectual history. In the contextualization section, I plan to explain how the socio-political circumstances (the political dominance of the Catholic Church, the Reformation, and the Enlightenment) at the time they wrote affected their conceptions of God.
  9. undergrad: comparison of accounting systems of two countries (really not very exciting but i didn't know better)

    masters: application of a management accounting tool in a university department - super fun and interesting for me. (got a very good mark as well)

    bchleo - very interesting topic! studied a lot of philosophy and that is certainly a challenging piece of work. enjoy! :smile:
  10. Undergrad: (BA, English Literature).

    All myths, wherever they were originated, have the same themes. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is an archetypal hero's journey. Each book, in and of itself is a separate archetypal hero's journey.
  11. I will, thanks!

    I'm sorry, I'm not understanding. Did you write your paper on the Socerer's Stone?
  12. ^^ Yes, I did, but I also wrote about the other three books in the series.

    I wanted to show how each book was its own archetypal hero's journey.
  13. ^^^Okay, cool. Sounds like a interesting topic.
  14. BA - psychology
    BS - Administration of Justice
    MA - Justice, Law, & Crime Policy

    Thesis -
    Differential Prosecutions for Maternal Drug Use: Do Differences between the Media Constructs of the “Crack Baby” Myth and the “Meth Baby” Myth Have an Effect?

  15. Caitlyn1214, I just took a class (English major also) called Literature and Myth, and we had many good discussions on that exact same subject!