SHARE THE LOVE: the CL Girls' NON-CL Purchases thread!

  1. Thank you guys!
  2. I think I'm not stopping with the two, old or not!:p Navy sounds great. This one that's coming has red anchors on it as well as skulls, will definitelly post pics when it's here! I think my next one will be pashmina, I hear they are really soft and warm, just what I need in this weather!
  3. Sweet. I have a hard time warming up to juicy. These are pretty cute though
  4. I love alot of juicy's jewlery pieces... They can be quite the statement piece if worn correctly!!! These pieces are lovely!!❤❤ Heads up, it's 30% off of jewelry online!!! 😃

  5. it's amarante

    i wore it last week and got a lot of compliments on it. i found it on eBay through a seller who was willing to do a BIN for $40 each. I think they each retailed for $150-200.

    yeah i pretty much ignore them and relegated them to teenage jewelry. but i am buying my niece [who is 15] a charm bracelet, and charms so i am pouring over everything and found stuff w/o a 'J' on them that I liked.

    i know. i have been trying to avoid it:sweatdrop:
  6. My first ever pair of Prada shoes!! I was going o get Biancas, but my heart fell to these as I have nothing like them- and I was told Prada was comfy!
  7. You lucky lady! I've just bought amarante bag, but it's not alma, it's arriving tomorrow, so I'm mega exctited. Bet you love yours!
  8. Good choice. Those are needed for winter
  9. Thank you! That's what was on my mind too :smile: do you have a pair(or more) of go to shoes for winter?
  10. I just ordered these Louis Vuitton boots


    And I have a couple already from last year. I'm a shoe collector not so much boots. I do love them though
  11. These are gorgeous Cass. I love boots.
  12. Also fabulous boots, loving seeing all the different boots that people have been getting.
  13. Meg I love your ysa
  14. Your Alma is beautiful, congrats!

    Totally not tacky!

    Those look delicious! Love them!

    Can't wait to see a mod pic! I was actually this close from buying a pair of CL boots today but I didn't pull the plug. I'm getting the itch again with all these boots here! :smile:
  15. Received my first Chanel bag today and I really like it! It's so soft, OMG! :smile: