SHARE THE LOVE: the CL Girls' NON-CL Purchases thread!

  1. wow, what a haul, i love everything - chanel does the best classic bags/wallets!
  2. Wow, you lucky girl! :woot: Is that flap bag a jumbo size?
  3. :woot::nuts::yahoo::woot: omg. Amazing purchases, all so classic and necessary! I love every piece. Congrats!
  4. :woot:
  5. Thanks Chocoavantgarde!
  6. The flap is a maxi. The jumbo was a bit small for me.
  7. Thanks!! I try to get it now since people are telling me there might be a price increase soon.
  8. Thank you! The waiting list wasn't as long as I thought it would be for the maxi but there was a long wait for the jumbo this time.
  9. Love the red CO shoes----but your red skinny jeans are HOT!!! You look sexy in them!

    Lol, Beagley, you remind me of myself when I first got into MJ bags. :greengrin: Congrats on ANOTHER RM bag---gorgeous color!

    NICE Jonathon!!!!!!!! :tup:

  10. i love chanel families :smile:

  11. these are super cool
  12. Thanks!
  13. Just scored a lovely faux wrap DVF for this fall!!
  14. :faint: holy moly.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous family!!