SHARE THE LOVE: the CL Girls' NON-CL Purchases thread!

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    My first YSL purchase!
    Tribute 105 Navy/Silver - TTS
    They are so comfortable!!


  2. Soo cute! Great find!
  3. Very Pretty! It's amazing how comfortable YSLs are given their height.
  4. Amazing!!!! Why the H**L did I pass on these trying to be good? Enjoy!
  5. Went to the thrift store today. vintage I.magnin suit with Persian lamb trim? For $6 (after the sale discount!) hecks yeah!
  6. You guys are too sweet! Thank you!
  7. Thanks!
  8. The color is awesome and they look very hot on you!
  9. Very pretty!! Love the heels!
  10. Rocking the Choos

    Excuse the mess and my outfit!!

  11. Just bought this after seeing it & falling in love with it on Emily Maynard



    I hope it's a bright pink IRL like hers looks!
  12. Emily :heart:
  13. Wow Celtic!!! So sexy!!
    Love the heel detail!!

    This top is soo gorgeous!!!!
    Where did you get it please?
  14. Love the ring, Aegis and the KS flats look amazing on you!

    You look great Brooke. Lovely dress!!

    Wow!! Gorgeous!!
  15. Such a nice dress, I love sparkle dresses! ;)

    Congrats, both are gorgeous!!

    Congrats, Love these Gucci shoes!!

    Wow..that t-shirt is so sexy on you!!
    Love the nail polish you are wearing aswell.

    Wow!!! Amazing haul!!!
    It is very hard to pick my favourite item from so many gorgeous things.
    I really Love the Clic Clac and the strawberries shirt!!