SHARE THE LOVE: the CL Girls' NON-CL Purchases thread!

  1. Bella, I love that coat on you! It looks awesome!
    Great slippers ct!
    Stina, I love those! And :yahoo: for 50% off!
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  3. Thank you aoqtpi!

    Cute TB's Stina!
  4. great find maggie, congrats!
  5. ^Thanks Bella!
  6. Bella: It looks even more amazing on you! Wow.
    Adorable slippers, ct!
    Stina: Great deal; love 'em.
    Maggie: Those are TDF. Perfect.

    And a HUGE thank you to all the ladies who share my love for Jem! She is truly, truly, truly outrageous! Your comments were a delight!

  7. Cute flats, Stina.
    Love the glittery booties, Maggie.
  8. Thanks for posting that video cts. Totally brought me back. :biggrin:
  9. Great TBs!

    Thanks cts900 "Jem is my name, no one else is the same..." I'll be singing that all day!

    Mini - you have truly great taste!!! Congrats! Those YSL burgundy ones are on my list too!
  10. stina and maggie: Great TBs! I have more TB shoes than CLs! :blush: I was a die-hard TB fan before CL, but I love them equally now!

    mini: OOOh, gorgeous YSLs and Alaia! :drool:

    cts: You are just too cute and make me smile. :biggrin: