Share the Black City!

  1. Well my 05 black city is on the way today! I can't wait to get her, and thanks so much to all the PF members who helped me authenticate :P She'll look sooo pretty adorned with my pink/white McQueen skull scarf :love: :biggrin: :smile: :love: What a nice Easter Bunny gift :amuse:




  2. Love it! Very chic!
  3. congrats on a wonderful bag!
  4. It's truly gorgeous!!:love: :love: :love:
    Thank you for sharing!

    Did you get it on eBay?
  5. oh that's gorgeous!! i love the black city :smile:
  6. You'll love wearing it! enjoy!
  7. Yes and no! It's a private seller that I came across and she listed it on eBay today so I would feel safe buying.

  8. Yahooo Twinklette.
    I almost had a heart attack when I saw this on a buy it now just a little while ago. I thought OOOHHH NOOOO! Someone is going to get this before you do! Phew!! It turned out great afterall. I love it! Congrats!
  9. oh.. so gorgeous
    if you ever decide to let her go.. please let me know:love:
  10. Kimmie!!! Oh that's too funny. She listed it on there for me so I would feel safe buying and be protected thru eBay/paypal and all that jazz. It was a private auction and I was the only authorized bidder ;)

  11. Most definitely! You just never know :nuts:

  12. Woooo Hoooooo! Great bag! The leather looks absolutely scrumptious! Congratulations and enjoy!
  13. 0o0o0o0 congrats!!! i totally love my black city and i know you'll love yours too! :smile: woo hoo b-bags!!!!
  14. Congratulations! I love it!
  15. Love it! It is going to look so hot with the scarf. Can't wait for pics! A black Balenciaga purse is on my "must have" list. Hoping it pops up tonight on Bluefly.
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