**Share the Comfort of a Pet Hug** Event!

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    Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to share the news that the Pet Hug Fund is live!

    This Sunday Purina is running Pet Hug Fund ads in 44 million newspapers
    and on May 1, 2007, the Build-A-Bear Workshops promotion begins on-line
    and in-store.

    For every $30 worth of Purina product that purchased this May
    and June consumers will be able to send away for a free Purina Beary
    Limited Ducatty the cat or Beemer the dog mini pet, (designed to
    represent actual ARF therapy pet). Purina will donate $1.00 Fund for each
    mini pet ordered. Also during May, when a consumer makes a Bearemy's
    Kennel Pals dog at a Build-A-Bear Workshop both Build-A-Bear and Purina
    will donate a $ to the Pet Hug Fund - a minimum of $75,000 will be donated
    to the fund.

    Please visit the Purina site for more info: http://www.purina.com/petlover/

    Thanks for reading!

    From the Purina website:


    Sharing the comfort of pet hugs is hard work. A pet & its trainer must first become trained, certified and insured before being allowed to make these kinds of important visits all over the country.

    The Animal Rescue Foundation established the Pet Hug Fund™ to provide support to visiting animal therapy teams across the country, spreading hugs to senior citizens, hospital patients, children with disabilities and troubled youth.

    View the Pet Hug Fund™ group roster (PDF) for a list of animal therapy organizations supported by the Pet Hug Fund™
    Purina's total donation to the Pet Hug Fund™ will be a minimum of $75,000.
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