Share Rude Questions received from Potential Buyers

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  1. OK, first time I got a really rude question about a year ago I brushed it off.

    Second time I got a nasty question (6 months or so ago) on an item I responded back with something quick and neither friendly or rude.

    Third time I received a VERY rude question I responded with a very Polite and informative response.

    Dear ________,

    Let's see now...NO lock, NO cover and you are still asking $XXXX and want nearly $XX shipping???
    Are you serious....or delirious????

    - r__________

    My response was:Push:

    Thank you for your inquiry. Shipping is calculated based on your location as I stated in the auction buyer only pays what USPS charges, and difference is subject to refund. The lock is part of the _____, just missing key which can be obtained by contacting any ____ retail store. Starting price is based on appraisal by _______ where the item will be listed on Saturday if the auction does not close with a bidder. Their appraisal is based on recent sales and the fact that the item is no longer in production and hard to find. htt(Address of an item in same condition that SOLD recently for $300 more).
    Thank you for your comments and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

    I was just hoping everyone could share their experiences. If baffles me that a buyer was so bent out of shape over my item (which a simple google search would have shown is priced decently for being HTF and discontinued) that they took the time to write me about it, sign their name, and make their email visible.

    Please share your stories of rude questions you recieve from buyers (MODS, I did a search and nothing came up as directly related).

    Thanks for letting me vent!:heart:

  2. Don't you hate that? I mean really...where are the basic communication skills? Some folks just can't help themselves.

    I don't have any recent ones from potential buyers to copy but I will say that I dislike intensely any that are in all caps or abrupt and imperious, like they can't be bothered to type a two letter salutation like "Hi" at the very least. Just a one line demand for information.

    What ever happened to friggin' common courtesy??

    And good for your for maintaining your composure and professionalism! :smile:
  3. I once listed a fabulous, very expensive and rare Prada metal-studded bag that I got from N-M; it still had all the tags, etc. and this person sends me a message:
    "Authentic, right...that is one fake piece of _____. Shame on you."
    I was so flabbergasted but I think I just sent them a message back, saying no it is not fake, it is authentic. Way too much time on their hands combined with mean spiritedness, IMO.
    This is a good thread, Amour.:yahoo:
  4. Weren't you totally :cursing:???
    I just know that I get excited when I get questions because it usually means there is interest in my stuff! Interest means $$$ for me :yahoo:. Then I check my email and see that crap! Shame on them for being so blatently nasty over things that they know nothing about!

    If I see a seller who clearly doesn't realize they are selling a fake I will inform them that it is not authentic and that they should really consider removing it since ebay is suspending sellers over that sort of thing. They are usually thankful for the warning!
  5. Ok..Here one for the board..Amour you were much more professional and kind then I was..This was not only rude but annoying..I laid into her I'm scared to post what I wrote her But I was having a day from hell and was just over these stupid questions.This is the message from the buyer..

    Any idea why "fleetstreetboutique" won and paid for your item, then disappeared for MY auction and closed her account? Hmm.

    This was my very unlady like response..SORRY but this pushed me over the edge..It's like these women have nothing better do to then stalk other sellers WTH?? Mind your own business..

    My response:
    I have 2 accounts other seller ID is ___________..And a 10day old infant. The last thing I do is really care or pay attention is my customers after the transaction is done. I have to much going on..I had to look back to even find what you were talking about..She was a new buyer from Canada with patience from out of this world..It took some time for her to even receive her items and I was scared she was going to leave me negative..I dont even know why I'm bothering to answer this question. To be honest it is out of line. I dont even know why, what or who nor why you are asking??? Personally I dont think it is any of your business? And why would you contact me. I kind of find it creepy.. So why are you asking me?

    LMAO!!! I must have scared her to death or made a very valid point she never contacted me again..
  6. Hmmm. I thought she was asking why someone won your auction and paid you for it but then turned around and won an auction from her and didn't pay and closed her account. Maybe she was trying to figure out why she got shafted and was wondering if she seemed sketchy to you? Still, the way she worded the question was a little off.
  7. I have not had rude questions...more like rude comments and threats after the transaction. I have also received dumb questions from clueless buyers. If the auction clearly states 1 item, they asked me how many items is it for.
  8. lol..You are proably right. I felt as if she was accusing me of something. Plus the girl that her account was cancelled had 3 feedback and they were from me..The only thing was the buyer had bought from me 2 months prior???? Thats why I had to go back to see who she was even talking about..
  9. About year or so ago, I sold off a ton my true religion and 7 for all mankind jeans that no longer fit. I got a question from this girl asking if the pants have ever been farted in! So ridicules[FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT] I did not even respond. ebay is full of crazy people
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I can't imagine your face when you read that.
  11. sorry. cant stop laughing about that one lvobsessed415
  12. To this day I still laugh at one. I swear lots of kooky people on ebay.

  13. omg, so funny. what a freak. :rolleyes:

  14. omg!!! Lmao!!!!
  15. Weird...but I guess at only 2 months back she could still see if the items were similar. Maybe your stuff was just better!