(Share)No $$ for new bag but I got these 2!!! (prada+coach)

  1. Not able to buy any $$$ bags lately....:sad2:...so I ordered these 2 for myself well...also some stuff for my aunt, mom, friend..but these are for myself! :love: I can't wait to get them and I want to share!
    Coach in pink and the Prada I being looking for ( NM finally have my size)!!!
    Q061_d2.jpg NMX8759_mp.jpg
  2. wow i love the prada wedge. do you know how tall it is?
  3. yes, the pradas are just TDF!those are the 1st wedges i really like!!!
    i'm thinking of buying those in gold or silver snakeskin!!
    so congrats for your purchase!;)
  4. dangg. those are nice! and TALL. lol =P
    very good choices =)
  5. I *love* the Prada wedges! I keep going to the NM.com page to look at them :smile:
  6. i just went on nm.com too! good thing they didn't have my size... or i woulda been tempted to use the free ship on these. so cute!
  7. Yeah thanks girls! I Love LOVE the Prada, It's too cute! I can't wait to get it soon!!!
  8. Oooh, love them both!