Share My Joy...TPF the best place on earth!!

  1. I'm so excited I don't know where to start. I guess I should start by saying, I received my Large front pocket paddy today in gris-vert and I'm over the moon:wlae: :yahoo: . I gotta great deal on it and it's brand new. I bought it on eBay from another PF'er, who is fabulous by the way:yes:. She has renewed my faith in eBay, it is actually possible to get authentic bags amist all the fakes.
    I have to thank everyone in this forum because without this place I wouldn't have found half of the deals I've come across:love:.
    I'm going to try to post pics, but must warn you I'm not good at recropping or resizing the photos.
    I cannot believe I got my hands on this bag I've been looking at it and touching it allday. I couldn't wait to get it out of the box, I immediately wanted to start carrying it, but I have to prepare my darling DH before she's allowed out:shame: :rolleyes:.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my joy with you!!!!
  2. beautiful, congrats!
  3. Oooo yeah! I have one of those in tan and they are fantastic. Nothing like "purse love"!!!
  4. So beautiful! Enjoy :yes:
    ps I am so glad she landed in such an excellent home!!!!
  5. I'm already enjoying her she's gorgeous and so soft:yes:. I can't help but to keep giving her a stroke or two every so often:shame: !!
    Thanks again, your the best;)
  6. wow! fantastic bag! congrats!
  7. Congrats on your bag!!

    And three cheers for the PF!! :party:
  8. Just beautiful!!

    I, too, love TPF!!!
  9. TPF is an enabling machine.

    Huge thumbs up on a fabulous buy and purse. Shoot don't you want to take it to bed because:p you love it so much?!!!!!!!
  10. Congrats and you are right, TPF is the best!
  11. Your so right, I would not mind laying it next to me. I do love it!!!! I just keep picturing her on my shoulder.Thanks everybody, I must say you are all great enablers and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Congrats and ya tPF is eeeevil.
    I always love on my new bags LOL. If all goes well I'll have a new baby by Sat *weee*
  13. Very beautiful bag!!! Enjoy!! :yahoo:
  14. I am happy to have found a group of such sweeties - enabling as they (okay fine, we) may be! :winkiss:
  15. Woohoo, gris-vert!!! Congratulations ali_w! Welcome to the gris-vert club!