Share My joy-my first Chanel is here

  1. I'm so excited to have my first Chanel today, brought back from Paris by my friend. It is a black medium classic flap in caviar, cost Euro1,450. Thks PFers for your advice and sharing my joy with me.:heart:
  2. congrats on your first chanel bag, enjoy.
  3. Congrats! It's such a beautiful handbag... I'm missing mine now.. :sad:
  4. congrats...great choice
  5. thanks. The only setback is that it is the old chain, Any of you prefer the new chain more? I thought new metal chain make the bag more 'youthful' looking. Does the old chain make it an antique?
  6. congratsits suha classic :smile:
  7. I think both chains are great. The leather in the chain is such a classic and doesn't make it look old at all. I think you made an excellent choice!
  8. great bag! ultimate classic :smile: both new chain and old chain are gorgeous imo
  9. Thks kaka & Onyxbear, at least i don't feel buyer remorse now, cos some of my friends said it looks old with the old chain. I like the old chain too....more & more. Btw, can you advise me on how to store the chain, ie. put it under the outer flap or just let it stay loose as it is? I m worry to mark the leather.
  10. wow congrats! I'm an LV lover and never had any chanel bags.seeing your bag makes me want to get my first from chanel.A chanel black bag is always a classic.
  11. Thks KellyLV, that's what i thought, to get a always classic for my first Chanel. I used to like LV a lot, not until recently I switch club, i got the same denim LV bag you got. But there were so many ppl ard carrying it, make it a tad too common....
  12. It a beautiful bag. Enjoy it...
  13. Gorgeous! congrats!
  14. [​IMG]

    So AWESOME~It's my dreambag in this big silver hardware but Jumbo size....i'm droolin over it now:drool::drool:
  15. Congratulations! This is an absolutely gorgeous and classic bag!