Share my joy: LUXE BOWLER is HERE!!!

  1. :yahoo:OMG!!! And here I thought I was completely taken over by H!!!:nuts: I just got this Luxe Bowler from a dearest friend and can't get enough of it!!! SO NICE!!! The leather smell, the shape, the everyting!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I was undecided between this color and the black metallic but as soon as I opened the package and saw this baby IRL, all my doubts went away! Did I mention I LOVE it?!:graucho:


    PICT5926.jpg PICT5927.jpg PICT5928.jpg
  2. omg!!! :nuts: GORGEOUS!!! what color is that called???
  3. YUMMY!! Congrats girl!!!
  4. It's gorgeous. Congrats Irene. =)
  5. Irene, it's a beauty.


    Nice to see you on the Chanel board.
  6. Gorgeous!!! i have been eyeing this one too! ;)
  7. Thank you so much, ladies!!!:kiss:

    queenvictoria2, I have no idea what the official color name is. I think it's dark silver but I could be wrong.:shame:
  8. GORGEOUS, irene! Congrats! I love it :yahoo:!
  9. Its amazing!!! So pretty! Wear it well girl!
  10. I *think* that is the color they call Khaki. It's lovely.
  11. Love it! congrats
  12. GORGEOUS! Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  13. It looks like the one Chanel calls Bronze.

    This is a gorgeous bag. A lot more beautiful in person than I imagined.

  14. Its stunning!! Congrats!! :love::love:
  15. It's beautiful!!! Niiiiice Dearest Friend!!