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  1. So I love my pearls and recently, to my horror, I cannot find my mikimoto necklace with a pearl and diamond pendant. What's worse is I can't remember where or how it's lost. I have been travelling a bit and wore it in my travels.

    I haven't worn it for a few weeks since I returned and was looking to wear it when.. I just can't find it! I'm so frustrated and annoyed with myself as this is a wedding anniversary gift - he bought it to replace one (mikimoto as well) that was stolen when a burglar stole it from our house.

  2. Oh no!? Have you started calling hotels?
  3. +1
    Fingers crossed!
  4. Oh I am so sorry! I hope you can track it down.
  5. So sorry to hear that you have lost your pearls :sad: Were they insured?
  6. +1 I hope you're able to track it down. This is terrible news. I would be devastated if I lost or misplaced a strand like that with a diamond pendant!:sad::cry:

    Have you replaced your steps since you've been back home? Was it insured?
  7. Sending you positive vibes Newchanel. Calling hotels is a very good idea. I'd be beside myself if this happened.

    One of my friends mother in law was completely distraugh as she thought that she had lost a significant diamond necklace give to her by her husband. It turned up months later when her SIL borrowed a suitcase and while on her trip discoverd the piece in the fold of a small side pocket.

    There is always hope.
  8. Start checking every pocket of each suitcase, jacket, purse, etc. It's gotta be there somewhere!

  9. I was going to say the same thing. When we travel we tend to put items in places that are out of the norm for us. Good luck.
  10. I vote for this too.. I found so many of my lost pieces this way too. Search in make up bags and any little pouches you use to organise your purses or luggage.
  11. Good Luck, I hope you find it, I have been in situations like this also and more than once.
    I lost a diamond ring on the golf course once, went up and down that course but never did find it, I was sick about it so I understand your pain.
  12. so sorry to hear this! :sad: hope you find your necklace soon! Good luck!
  13. I am so sorry. I have been traveling a lot and keep putting things down and misplacing them. So far most everything has turned up. I hope this is the case for you. Keeping fingers crossed!
  14. Good luck! That's the worst feeling!
  15. I am so sorry. I hope you can find it soon