Share how other tPF-ers have helped you to get Tokis!

  1. TokidokiLover helped to get me the Scuola and Luna in the original black print. She even drew and colored Toki characters on the box! Super Kawaii!
    (I just get them today - am so Psyched and Deliriously Happy :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:)
    I also helped angelic*ruin to get her a Foresta Zucca :smile:
    It's such a great thing we have here -

    A lot also offered to help me get the L'Amore MM just when I thought it will NEVER get here :yes:
    So just a shout out to THANK YOU:woohoo: (Brandee, especially ;) ) all that has helped me out in one way or another
    All for Toki and Toki for all!
    In Toki we trust!
    Tokidoki tPF-ers ROCK!!
  2. lattegrl went shopping and helped pick out a lamore bambinone for me and put my name on it at Macys so I could do a charge/send. It didn't work out for me for other reasons...but she was nice to do that for me! Tokiangel is going to Century 21 to help find a citta rosa for me today hopefully!
  3. Tokidoki angel is the best, she hooked me up with 5 qees. :heart: Can't wait to get them! :wlae:

    We got some nice people here, alot offered to help me since I don't have ANY stores that sell tokidoki around here.

    (envii- You got your Amore MM? :graucho:).
  4. So happy to read tales with happy endings!
    Very glad I googled and found tPF back then :yes:
    Everyone's so nice, helpful and fun! :yes:

    I did! The first day they came in the SA just casually told me about them and i'm like :nuts:
    They weren't even on display yet - they were still in storage boxes. I made her take out all 7 they have in stock and chose mine and asked her to hold it for me. Then I came four days later (after payday) and bought it full price (which is like USD 170)
    I bought two MMs in a span of 5 days haha (they had 20% off for Inferno - couldn't resist) That's why I seriously have to :ban:myself now - lucky I'm not so in :heart: with Spiaggia :p
    I like the metallic qees too - I've got all the colored ones and use them on my bags.
    Plenty of them around on eBay now - got a Silver bear for $11.98 (inc S+H) on the way.
    Wonder if they're on sale really cheap somewhere?
  5. Do you have a picture of the Amore MM? I'd really like to see it.

    170$ is ALOT, but I guess if I has a store around here, I'd be willing to pay that much to get it fast and not search eBay and take a risk.

    Maybe I'll get the silver cat and dog which I'm missing through eBay, I'm not sure if I'm gonna
    use them or put them on display.
    Tough one!

    Oh and they were on sale on the Lesportsac sample sale in NY, that's why everybody asked the newyorkers to get some qees for all of us. They sold 5 qees for 10$, that's cool.
  6. i can't think of a specific person who helped me get tokidoki.. but i love how people announce where they saw tokidoki so i can be aware and go check out some stores :biggrin:

    thanks to all who give a heads-up! i'm sure a lot of us really appreciate it :] it's nice to know people on this forum aren't "greedy" with toki info.
  7. I "surgically" removed the mesh pockets from them (I am the purse surgeon!) and put the magenta cat Qee on it - looks much much better IMO :biggrin:
    Wanted to post photos of it but my cameras not with me - will do so asap!
    I know that it's really overpriced here - but I've been :drool: for it for so long - I figured that it's a small price to pay for instant gratification and happiness haha!
    5 for $10??? :wtf: Damn! - now I feel like I wanna get another set just to display...

    Hear! Hear! :woohoo:
  8. i agree with peachxfuzz...when fellow tpf announce what's in the stores...that's when i go and look for myself. :happydance:i :heart: this forum. i'm on it all the time. there is so much luv here.
  9. As eNVii_tOkii mentioned, she was super helpful and sweet:tender: in helping me get my much coveted Foresta Zucca. I received it about a week ago and I am already proudly wearing it. Of course, I am so paranoid of it getting dirty I won't take it with me to the grocery store (the child seat of the cart ---oooh yuck, how dirty those are:yucky:---just makes me shudder if I even consider putting that bag anywhere near the cart.

    The print is nearly perfect with river and fishies on top and monkeys on front and back. Even shark doggie is on both the right and left sides of the bag. The only character missing that I would have liked was the tiger (the strap obscures him on the back), but not long after Envii shipped my Foresta did I spot the PERFECT Foresta portatelefono :drool:on eBay for a reasonable price even, so I jumped on it and I got my little tiger too!

    There's some pics below of both my Zucca and my perfect portatelefono. (These pics came out a little washed out looking. The Zucca colors are really bright and bold IRL. At work, I am still opening the bottom drawer of my desk (where I store my bag at work) and look lovingly down at it.
  10. Bubblesung helped me with my L'amore bocce with the adios and ciaociao couple on it. If it wasn't for her friend taking the picture, I would never have known that one existed! I'm so happy with it I would never ever give it up.
  11. I haven't had any help yet (not for lack of offers), but since I'm having so much trouble with spiaggia, if someone finds a mamma mia/ciao/bambinone with a lot of the water scene, I'd be a very fufilled girl!
  12. tokidokilover also helped me with the HI outlet so I didn't have to deal w/ a money order plus she helped me with placement :nuts: and maya will be sending me an ad for tokidoki from that magazine her bf got her :yahoo:

    frogbubbles I'll keep an eye out for you the next time I go :smile: but I'm not sure how soon it'll be... if you want I can also text you pics also :biggrin:
  13. Thank you very much to BubbleSung, SempreII, TokidokiAngel & AprilTears for helping me and Maya_Exquisite in sending my the toki adv that her bf got for her.
  14. Merci!

    My friend's moving to NY tomorrow, so maybe I can send her out too.

    I shoulda done this a week ago, I've been going nuts.
  15. A few people tried to help me, but I never really got anything...does that count? LoL. Maya, Tracy and Dana have helped me :biggrin: I have helped nickels4mnms (Kristine) get something from our outlet :biggrin: