Share good experience on ebay


Apr 7, 2009
I know that we usually don't hear anything when things go well- there were a lot of posts about buyer/seller issues here but I want to let you know that most of buyers/sellers are good/honest people from my experience.

I've sold many bags on ebay recently and had three problematic transactions (bad things happen in threes)- they are now all amicable resolved with good communications on both parts.

1. I sold a convertible clutch and the those little things that cover exposed snaps were not included (I did list that on the listing). Completely my fault since I didn't have them, the buyer inquired and I responded quickly with an apology and offered a full refund return or a partial refund. The buyer was super nice and thanked me for a quick reply and said she really liked the purse and a partial refund was not necessary. Left me a positive feedback.

2. I sold a NWT diaper bag which was damaged during shipping. The buyer said the box had numerous dents and a hole and the bag ended up with several black spots (it was a very light yellow bag). Again I apologized and offered a refund/partial refund and a few tips on how to clean those spots. The buyer thanked me and left me a positive feedback. I filed a claim against UPS and won $50 for cleaning and offered that to buyer and she said it was unnecessary and said she carried her bag to her ob visit and received two compliments already. Again super nice buyer

3. I sold a NWT bag that I purchased at bloomingdales and the buyer initially said that she didn't believe the bag was new since there are several tiny spots that I didn't mention on the listing. Obviously I missed them since I did NOT use the bag and believed it would be in a new condition. I told her to return the bag (with a return cost on me) and that I would take it back to bloomingdales (or a partial refund). She replied back and thanked ME for being sweet and friendly and said that she wants to keep the bag and would have it cleaned.

I am really grateful to all my buyers for being so sweet and nice. I know many of you are afraid to sell/buy on ebay- but I thought I'd share my experience- I do know that there are scammers out there, but the majority of buyers out there are very nice and reasonable and many isses can be solved via good communications.

Now it's your turn to share good experience


Dreaming of RM bags
Aug 8, 2008
Ok so I am coming from the buyer's point of view... I was winning on a listing for a pink Coach pouch. But just before the auction close, I noticed that there are creases on the front. I emailed the seller about it - unfortunately the auction close with me being the winning bidder before she could answer my questions.

She was very sweet, offering to pass on the pouch to the 2nd highest bidder if I am bothered by the creases. In the end, I add her under my favourite sellers. :smile:

Another scenario - I have been buying silver jewellery from Bali and this sweet seller mentioned that her hubby is travelling to my country for some business stuff. She offered to pass the stuff to her hubby and he can meet up with me to pass me the stuff so that I can save on shipping. In return, I emailed them recommended sightseeing spots and how to get around Singapore. Great experience.


Indulge a little...
Oct 14, 2008
hmm...Well I once ordered 2 new Bella il Fiore cosmetic kits on ebay and the seller accidentally sent me my order twice (he sent me 4 kits). I offered to mail the 2 extra back to the seller but he simply said "Don't worry about it, keep them as a gift!"

I thought that was really nice, as the kits usually retail for around $30 each. I ended up really liking the cosmetics, so now I'm pretty glad I have some extras lying around. :smile:


vintage bag lady
Mar 29, 2008
I won an auction for a bulk lot of underwear. The seller had random selections to be chosen from around 10 designs. I asked if she could lean on a particular kind of random because I can't just go and buy an alternative item here in Japan. She wrote really nice notes to me and I now have them already. I only bought them on the 27th of July! Really nice seller, cheap international postage. She did well on her auction and I got the products I needed. All round nice experience.


Feb 13, 2009
Raleigh, NC
I can honestly say that so far (and I have completed 100+ transactions on eBay), I've never had a problem. Ever. Neither as a buyer nor as a seller. I consider myself extremely lucky... I must add, though, that the items I usually buy/sell are lower-end designer bags, and I imagine scammers usually target more expensive items.


Dec 7, 2006
New Jersey
In all of my transactions with eBay, I have only had one issue with buyer's remorse (I was the seller) and one with a seller (I was a buyer) of selling me shoes SIGNIFICANTLY not as described and became belligerent when I contacted her about it. Otherwise, everyone I have dealt with has paid immediately or within 2 days of auction closing, never has complained and has left positive feedback. Most recently, I sold a bunch of high end designer shoes and the buyers were absolutely splendid. I know I am probably bucking the trend, but my experiences have been good ones.


Apr 5, 2008
Almost all have been positive. (I buy but don't sell). I find that most sellers are willing to answer questions and I make a point to be polite and thank them for their responses. I buy carefully, so am usually delighted with my purchases. Ebay can be a great place for bargains!


LV/Coach Collector
Apr 6, 2008
Most of my experiences have been positive. I have been very lucky. Sometimes I have taken a chance with low feedback sellers and they have all turned out great!


Jul 27, 2009
I was looking for a particular color bag, didn't even care the style and came across a Chloe that I liked. I had never bought a Chloe and I think the seller noticed. She went out of her way, telling me how and where to have it authenticated, to ask her any questions in the future, etc.. Needless to say, I bought my first Chloe from her. In addition, we discovered that even though we were a couple 1000 miles away, we both have family in our respective states, near each other. I have developed a great friendship.

P.S. She's a TPFer ;)