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  1. what is your favorite design aspects of the bag(s) you :heart: from hermes? (not the brand/label/store, just the physical details of the bags)

    for me, my cacahuete shoulder bag has pleats on the bottom - no one sees them but they are a very nice touch. and the H at the end of the zippers on all Hermes things. i :heart: that as it is one of my initials.

    on the kelly - i love love the lock and key, and i love that it's a true handbag, not a shoulder bag (unless you use the strap). i mean that i like that the handle is meant for the hand or arm, NOT the shoulder. and the feet. love the feet.
  2. Garden Party: Plain and simple and fits all my stuff. Ergodynamic for me.
    Birkin: Very practical for toting my items. 45cm is a great carry on.
    Kelly: Well constructed, clean, elegant lines.
    Sac mallette: Construction is intricate.
  3. I love the way the Kelly closes. I really like opening and closing it. I also love that though it is a hand held it can transform into a shoulder bag by adding the strap.

    I love the simplicity of the Plume bag. I love that it doesn't have a lot of hardware and it isn't busy, it is just a beautiful bag.
  4. I love the kelly for the classic and ladylike presentation - to me it reminds me of my Nana from Italy (although she didn't have one); I feel very special when I use it! the birkin is a workhorse - tote, open, functional and easy bag to use daily; I love the plume for it's easy handles - long enough, yet so functional-and the zip factor of course!
  5. I love the hardware - especially on the Trim, Kelly and Birkin. It's substantial and elegant!

    Also, the fact that many of the bags are lined with chevre leather. When the exterior is not chevre, it's like a little surprise inside.

    I love that the same style bag can look so unique and personal depending on changes in construction, leather size and HW!
  6. I love the lock on both birkins and kellys. I think Hermes is the first designer house that introduces locks on the bags. And that's what nakes it special. The simplicity in design and the quality of the leather attratcs my attention more than other designer bags such as LVs, Dior etc.
  7. What a GREAT thread, HiHeels!

    For me its:

    The way my heart swells with appreciation for the quiet elegance of a 40-year old handbag :heart: The simple sturdy handle without that extra piece of hardware where a strap might have gone....that it was never made for a strap - that it's a true handbag.

    The wonderful handles on the Bolide...thin and sturdy and perfect in the hand.

    The delicious color of the Caramel Coromandel and it's intoxicating leather smell. It's beautiful gold hardware that looks extra rich against the color of the bag.

    The suppleness of the Chocolate Kelly and her roomy interior perfectly crafted and as wonderful inside as outside.

    :love: :love: :love:
  8. I love gold hardware, silver hardware and diaond hardware!!!!!!
  9. The sheen of vintage boxcalf and crocodile.
  10. I just love that each one is handmade and when you think about two are exactly alike. Somewhere in the bag some part is a tiny bit different. Plus, it was handmade for me!
  11. The patina of well-worn Boxcalf
    The heavenly sweet scent of Togo
    The suppleness of chevre and its unmistakable grain
    The squishiness of Clemence
    The tiny H at the end of the zipper
    The wax-coated linen threads that make a saddle stitch
    The rustle of the white tissue when I ceremoniously peel each layer to reveal my gorgeous bag
    The fact that the inside of each bag is as exquisite as the outside
  12. Beautifully said!
  13. Thanks, GT! Feeling quite amorous and a bit pretentious here, so here's another one:

    My bags will be just as beautiful, perhaps even more so, by the time my daughter inherits them. :heart:
  14. I love the H Zipper stop.
    I love the lock closure on the kelly's and birkin.
    I love that the bag will appreciate in value.
    I love how I feel when I carry one.
    • the triple suede interior of a classic trim
    • the lady-like sophistication of a rigid kelly
    • the sheer perfection of a birkin
    • the matte sheen of chamonix
    • the butter texture of clemence
    • the utter genius behind JPG's updates
    • the luxury of croc (plus the darling accompanying locks)
    • the quiet elegance of a regular leather HAC
    • the lovely smell when you first bring these babies home
    • the gorgeous patina that develops as the bags age
    • and last but not least, the smile that comes whenever you spot an orange sleeper