Share a Pic of your favorite Chloe Bag

  1. Please share a picture of your favorite Chloe bag so that we can all drool:drool:. Right now, I'm enjoying my Tan Paddy with Shoulder Strap.
    Paddington's 305.jpg
  2. I still love my chloe bracelet bag the best, my paddys have all been fab, but my bracelet is the one that I would never part with :biggrin:

  3. Does it count as my favourite if it's my only Chloe????
    Here's my Muscade Paddy :heart:
  4. My first baby will always be my favorite - it's an '06 chocolate small pocket paddington from AR!!!
  5. I like your bracelet bag too :love:

  6. hey d&g, how could you possibly choose one of yours as your fave ;) :biggrin:
  7. My Hazelnut Silverado:tup:. I actually used it for the first time today :woohoo:
    chloe silverado 002.jpg
  8. My favourite Chloe bag is the mini saddle bag... and these are my babies :love:

  9. I only have two, a Paddie and an Edith but my Paddie is by far my fav

  10. I :heart:LOVE:heart: everyone's bags!!! Keep the pictures coming please:yes: so that we can all drool :drool: some more.
  11. I can't choose.. it really varies daily... so i decided to choose yours! :p

    I'm really loving the green one :heart:
  12. Guess this woud be my first choice since the large ava satchel was my first :yes:.My second is my new chocolate edith satchel,im loving her too ;).

    First love!

    Second love!

    Chloe #3 will be here next week :yahoo:.
  13. OMG!! They're so precious!!!!! I totally understand why you're in love with them!! :drool::drool:
  14. My whiskey Paddy, playing in the leaves...

  15. Gorgeous bags, y'all!!!