Share a Happy memory

  1. Share the happy memories that make you all warm and mushy!!

    I'll get the ball rolling.

    A couple of years ago my BF & I where on holiday at Disney it was late in the year so it was set up Christmassy. Ready for the firework show I took him to the big Christmas tree so we had the big tree behind us and the castle in front where the show would be.

    He suggested moving a little further down but I was like oh no it's ok here lets just stay I can see ok. Anyway the big firework finale gets going and right near the you get the when you wish upon a star your dreams will come true....and it starts snowing!! (yes Disney snow but still snow)

    I knew it was coming but he didn't it was so beautiful the castle, fireworks and gorgeous falling snow by the Christmas tree, so far that is one of my best memories to date I get all teary just thinking about it
  2. It was the night before my graduation from Salve Regina University. My family, along with my aunt and uncle, went out to dinner at the White Horse Inn.

    When my family and I have gone out to eat, I tend to order duck or chicken. I like duck or chicken, and if I order that and not something REALLY bad, like fettuccini alfredo, then it's 'okay' for me to order dessert (that night I had duck) and my brother tends to get steak. Then we taste bits of each other's entrees. And it usually starts with me going, "Oh, my God Matt, taste this."

    So we all finish our entrees and the dessert menu comes. I love dessert, so of course, I order some: the triple chocolate mousse (a little of white, milk and dark chocolate mousses).

    My brother won't order his own dessert, but he'll sometimes taste mine. So he did, asking me which I liked best (I said either the milk or the white).

    Later on in the evening, I'm halfway through with it. I'm listening to the conversation, and my fork is poised in my hand. My brother reaches over and plucks the fork out of my hand so he could have some more mousse.

    I always remember that because that was such a sibling thing to do. Nobody else would have done that.

    I'm not Joey Tribbiani. I let people taste my food.

    I say, half the fun of going out to eat is tasting what someone else got.
  3. The first one: Sliding down the hardwood floored hall of my childhood home in my socks. Run, slide, whee!!!!! So great.

    Second one: My SO and I went to the beach together on Sundays in Bonita Springs, FL, which was near where we lived. We always splashed each other and swam together and laughed and kissed and walked along the beach and watched the sunset.... :love:
  4. When we lived in England, my dad would buy a loaf of bread from a bakery. Then he'd take my brother and me to the duck pond and we'd feed the entire thing to the ducks and swans.

    (Although I'd be like, "some for the ducks, some for me.")