**~*sharbear508's Fabulous Bag Closet*~**

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  1. Welcome to my bag closet ladies and gents!!! :welcome:

    This thread is so long overdue, but my collection has been changing so much over the past few years with the ridiculous amount of buying and selling I was doing that it never seemed like a good time to post my collection. But after a recent purge of bags that I loved but no longer used and the addition of a few holy grail bags I've been seaching for forever, I feel I am now finally at a place where I am happy with my collection and am ready to share it with you all!!! Enjoy!!!

    Thanks for dropping by and letting me share my humble collection!!! :heart: :heart:

    ~ Sharon ;)
  2. I'm going to start with my Chanels because they have been my addiction over the past while and the reason for the need to sell off a lot of my other bags. But with the recent arrival of my Ultimate Holy Grail Chanel, my flap collection is finally complete!! Thanks to all who helped me along the way while I tried to put together a well thought-out and versatile collection. :heart:

    05 Black Anniversary Reissue 225 & 06 Dark Gold Reissue 226

    Collection Pics 006.jpg

    06 Violet Caviar East/West Flap, 07 Dark Silver East/West Flap, White Caviar Medium Classic Flap, Black Caviar Medium Classic Flap

    Collection Pics 007.jpg
  3. I've also had a few non-Chanel obsessions over the past while. I was really lucky over the past year to have found a few no longer available, extremely rare and hard to find holy grail bags of mine - there's something to be said for stalking ebay! :lol: I also had a lot of help from wonderful PFers who kept an eye out for me as well and I am forever grateful to them - you know who you are! :love:

    Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mizi Vienna in Black

    Collection Pics 002.jpg

    Gucci Blondie Bowlers in White and Black

    Collection Pics 008.jpg
  4. And finally, to round out my collection, these are the bags that get me through the days when I just can't be bothered to carry a bag that I need to baby!

    Burberry Manor in Black

    Collection Pics 001.jpg

    Gucci Treasure Satchel in Navy Guccissima Leather

    Collection Pics 003.jpg

    I also have a Marc Jacobs White Chiffon Stam on its way to me that I'll have to post pics of later on - so excited for its arrival! :yahoo:
  5. That's all for now - thanks for visiting my bag closet! ;)
  6. Wow, your collection is amazing! :tup:
    I'm in love with the 06 Violet Caviar East/West Flap and the 07 Dark Silver East/West Flap. :heart:
  7. Your collection is so beautiful and classic!!
  8. Gorgeous collection! LOVE your Guccis! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Love the Chanels, Blondies and the navy guccissima!
  10. Wow, gorgeous collection!
  11. LOVE the Gucci treasure satchel!!!
  12. Sharon! What a fabulous collection.... My jaw dropped when I saw all your lovely Chanels. And your Blondies!! You lucky gal... and you didn't forget to MJ either. Great job!! Love it!!
  13. Gorgeous collection Sharon! Love all your Chanels!
  14. Your reissues are amazing! :flowers:
  15. I've been waiting for this thread! I am in love with each and every one of your purses. :heart: