Sharapova and her Edith

  1. Wanted to share with you guys a picture of Maria Sharapova´s arrival into Mexico City with her Whiskey Edith Bag! Looks sooooooo great!!!:yes:
    Sharapova and her Edith in Mexico City 1.jpg Sharapova and her Edith in Mexico City 2.jpg
  2. She looks fabulous! And she wears Edith so well!
  3. she looks great.
  4. it looks nice on her!
  5. Nice, I love great bags on good celebrity role models! :yes:
  6. Looks fabulous!
  7. She's beautiful! I have a lot of respect for her. She's a real fighter and you can see that on the court. She's very focused. I am always appalled when the media make comparisons to Kournikova where tennis is concerned. It's completely disparaging to Maria. I remember an interviewer asked Maria if she was hoping to be the next Kournikova. I nearly spewed my lunch! At that particular time, Maria had already surpassed Anna in her achievements in the game!
  8. Hmmm, so THAT is where Chucky ended up!? :lol::devil:
  9. She looks great as always :biggrin:
  10. Wow, that doesn't even look like Maria to me! But nonetheless, absolutely rocking that Edith! Fabulous pics!
  11. As much as I was dreading it - it's kind of fun to see a celeb (at least a good one) with an Edith!
  12. The Whiskey looks great with jeans and white tops huh? Hmmm, I need to copy that color combo. I wear so much black. Hmm. Thanks for posting the pics.
  13. It's funny- I wouldn't have picked her as a celeb that would love our Edith. She seems more flashy to me (good flashy not courtney love flashy) -
    It surprises me we haven't seen more celebs with this bag. I wonder if Chloe didn't give any of these away as they were too scarce and so in demand that they didn't really need any celeb hype to help them FLY off the shelves.
    I for one thought Maggie Gyyllenhal would totally have this bag. It suits her style.
  14. I think it looks FANTASTIC on her!!!:love: Thank you for posting.
  15. I like seeing the Edith on celebs, just so I can see how they wear it. Mine is crammed full of syllabi and handouts right now. But it looks SO good! Thanks for posting this! Keep them coming!