Shar-Pei owners!!! Help please.

  1. dog's bad attitude or it is just me?
    we recently adopted a shar-pei dog, was 6 weeks old when we first took it home. We are in love with the dog :love: we take good care of him, always clean, food, vitamins, everything, he is always around when we eat, chat, etc. (he is 11 weeks now) he came potty trained from the breeder, he does it outside (no training pad), the only thing is that he doesn't respond to our commands and he barks very hard, tries to bite me or my daughter when we want him to do something. He even does it to my husband. When he does something "wrong" like start chewing shoes, etc. we try to grab him to let him know that is not OK to chew shoes, he runs away (not scared, not playing) he seems to be "teasing" us and enjoying the fact that we can not catching him. The vet suggested a little tap on the nose and strong voice to let him know who is the boss, we had done that but it seems like he is not learning, I heard that those dogs pretty much take charge and they are very smart and hard to train. We start obedience classes on Feb. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,
  2. When he is showing dominance gently flip him over on his back grabbing his neck firm, but not hard and hold him there for a couple of minutes until he has calmed down. When he has calmed down praise him and give him a treat. Do this as soon as you see him becoming dominant, you must be constistant. I dont have one but I do know Shar Peis can be extremely dominant. Good Luck!
  3. make sure you dont point your finger when giving him a command and also do not use his name in a stern voice....try only using his name when you give praise. see if that works (lol i use to work at a vet...for about 2 years)
  4. shar-peis can be a difficult breed and a lot of times get skin conditions between the flaps of their skin.
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    I have to agree, Shar-peis can be challenging to raise. You almost want to be experienced in raising dogs. You really have to exercise being the alpha dog and exert dominance over him (not by physical punishment). And not just you, but your whole family have to participate. In this sense, it is no different from other breeds. But once the bond is established, Shar-peis can become a very loyal and devoted family member. They are good with children, but aloof to strangers ( Hiring a personal trainer who have worked with Shar-peis may be a good investment. Even with all the suggestions, consistency and repitition is the key. Don't give up!!!
  6. Hi there.
    You need to get control now and not wait until dog school starts in February.
    When he chews stuff and then runs away when you address it with him, he is playing with you. It has turned into a big game for him. You probably need to reduce the amount of free reign he has in the house. I am assuming that you are crate training him.
    During the day, when all of you are home, confine to the room you are all in using baby gates and watch him. When he chews something inappropriate tell him "no" and replace it with a dog toy for him to chew. Do not chase him, do not scold him. It has become a way for him to engage you and get your attention.
    He also needs to learn what is appropriate to chew and what is not. At 11 weeks, to him, everything is OK to chew. Thats how puppies explore the world. You know when babies always reach out a grob stuff? This is the same for puppies, except they use their mouth.
    Giving a puppy free run of the house with no supervision at this stage is like letting a crawling baby go wherever he/she wants without supervision.
    The biting is another, more serious issue. When puppies snap at peoples hands they do it because it works. We take away our hands and they have won the game. Instead of taking your hands away and letting him get away with it, give him a toy to chew. When he goes to bite say "no bite" and put the toy in his mouth. Have everyone do the same thing. At 11 weeks they can't bite very hard so don't be afraid. The point is, you can't allow him to figure out that biting is a way to control the humans.
    It is hard from your post to determine how aggressive this puppy is. You can't take any BS from these guys at this age or you will end up with many problems.
    Good Luck
    Keep us posted
  7. A few easy ways for the humans in your house to establish dominance over this puppy.

    1. Make him sit for his food if he know how. It forces him to realize that you are the providers of food and he must work for it.
    2. When going through doorways, humans go through before puppies.
    3. Make him sit before you open the door for him to go outside.
    4. Make him look at you in the eyes. Use a treat, bring it to you face and say "watch me". When he makes eye contact with you, say good boy and do not break the eyecontact. Make the puppy break eyecontact.

    Will the dog let you roll him over on his back?
    I really hope this dog has lots of contact with other dogs. Shar-peis need lots of socialization with people and other animals.
    Keep us informed
  8. I hate to contradict Ranskimmie but

    NEVER EVER!!!!!

    This method is unfortunately ancient and really terrible. It does more harm than good. I know it is mentioned in the Monks of New Skete's book but by now they have recanted and are not recommending this method.


    Highmaintenance: Your dog is a puppy. A baby. He was taken from his mommy at a very early age and hasn't really had time to learn what is allowed and not allowed. Remember when your daughter was little? She had to learn too, right?

    If your dog chews shoes: put your shoes away! Also all other things that he may chew and that might harm him. If you catch him chewing something that he shouldn't then TRADE. Yes, trade. Give him a chewy toy instead that he's allowed to chew. Dogs don't understand when you yell at them for something that they find perfectly acceptable and running away with their coveted resource (your shoe in this case) is normal for them, especially if they get caught and the resource (shoe) gets taken away and they end up with nothing. But they do understand trading.

    It is normal that puppies jump up and bite and yes those puppy bites are painful. Ouch! Yell OUCH!!! and turn away. The game is over. Do this again and again. He has to learn that biting ends the game.

    If you have time, please read THE CULTURE CLASH by Jean Donaldson. Perhaps it makes you understand your doggie a bit better.
  9. Very good advice ^^^^^
    You have to puppy proof the house just like with toddlers
  11. I alpha flip my dogs, the alpha roll works, but it's very important that you know how to execute this properly.

    shar pei's are notoriously difficult to train. I would seek out training now, not puppy kindegarten, but training at a training facility. explain that you are a new puppy parent and would like to learn about establishing alpha over your new puppy.

    like others said...your puppy is a baby. and he's teething...that means he nips. it's normal because his gums hurt. have things on hand for him to chew on. if he nips you, say no and put something in it's place. I like to take a washrag and soak with chicken broth and freeze. it's a good treat.

    btw, 6 weeks old is WAY TOO YOUNG. no breeder should let a puppy out at that age. between 6-10 weeks is when mom teaches pup bite inhibition. she shows the pup that biting isn't okay. since your pup left mom so early, he is probably more bitey than usual...even more reason you should seek professional training since you don't seem to be an experienced dog family (not a bad thing, just important to get under control before your sharpei is 100 lbs).

    It's very clear that your dog does not respect you or your family. without a clear, established alpha in the family (being you or your husband) you will have many problems with your pup as he gets older. it's certainly not too late...please take your pup to training!
  12. You know there are as many different schools of thought on dog training and behavior as there are well, people, LOL.

    I used to use this technique too but in really trying to understand *dogs* from a dog perspective, I personally don't think it's sending the right message.

    Dogs have two main drives: pack & prey and if we understand those drives we understand how the dog thinks, not how we think the dog thinks (LOL!!).

    hello2703 is right, the Monks did change their recommendation on Alpha roll - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia a bit ago.

    Check out: Natural Dog Training: Working from the Dog's Point of View: Books: Kevin Behan

    Having a dog is like having a foreign exchange student in your house. When you yell louder, it doesn't help the other person (or dog) understand any better :shame:

    Learning to speak 'dog' can make living with the little beasts a *much* more enjoyable time, for both parties.

  13. Thanks for everything. I'll keep trying. Will keep you updated.
  14. Shar Pei do not have a bad attitude and should never be turned over or grabbed on their neck and really should not even have their nose hit. Shar Pei are very intelligent dogs and they do not need trained to go outside to potty. They train themselves. They can be very stubborn and can be playful and tease you.

    I will say that if the shar pei is eating shoes etc..... it is not the shar Pei fault. I would close the closet door and make sure that the shoes cannot be gotten. We need to read up on Shar Pei and get a book. They do need some obedience training sometimes. Maybe Petsmart for a starter and see how they do. Remember, repetition to the learned trait is the key. If we do not enforce what they were taught..... then we have no right to complain. I have a shar Pei that bites but shar Pei will never break the skin. I think sometimes she is trying to pierce my ear.... lol.

    Google shar pei on the net... animal planet is not correct in some of the stuff that they say. Shar Pei are costly if the need to go to the vet and they need special care compared to the other dogs. I call them high maintenance but the most intelligent dog and very loyal to their owner and can be very protective. Who wants to rob a house where the dog growls on the other side of the door. lol

    Get a book and please read on the breed. One thing to note, shar pei do not like water.... so when it comes to bath time, be prepared to corner the dog for you will have the chase of your life. They are just so cute!!!
  15. You need to give the dog toys. He is chewing because he is a baby and doesn't know better. You should also enroll him in obedience school. But DO NOT hit the dog EVER.

    When I brought my puppy home, he was teething every thing, including my arms with his razor sharp puppy teeth. I sprayed bitter orange on my furniture and he fortunately outgrew the phase. He did distroy 5 pairs of earbuds though and a cell charger :rolleyes:.

    Be patient with the dog. Its still a baby.