Shaq Calls Foul on Wife -Files for Divorce

  1. [​IMG]Look out ladies (seriously, get out of his way), Big Shaq Diesel is going back on the market.

    In divorce papers filed Tuesday in a Miami court, Shaquille O'Neal claimed his marriage to wife Shaunie has been "irretrievably broken," and accuses her of being shady with his cash, reports the Miami Herald.

    The couple, who have four kids together and each have a child from a previous relationship, tied the knot in a ridiculously lavish Beverly Hills ceremony in 2002. Shaq, who is currently in a contract with the Miami Heat worth a cool $100 mil, claims that his wife has been "secretive about her assets," and he has asked the court to order a full investigation into every penny she came into during their union.

    Click here... it's not over yet
  2. The Big Daddy also notes that he made Shaunie sign a pre-nup -- which he's asking the court to keep private. As for custody, the jet-setting basketballer requested that the kids live with Shaunie, and that he receive "liberal rights of visitation."
  3. another one bites the dust. how sad.
  4. I was so shocked when I saw this! I really thought they were going to last!
  5. I've seen her at the Heat games- she's at a lot of games supporting him- wow!
  6. I have a feeling he might be a bit of a philanderer. I met him in the 90s and he wanted my friends phone number. she refused. men.
  7. Now she is a good woman! Wouldnt give her number to a married man worth $100 mil! Good for her!!! :tup:
  8. I was at a Lakers/Kings game providing security for the game and at the hotel for the Lakers....when we wanted Shaq's autograph, we were told by his personal security guards he was "getting vertical" and would not be down until much later!! I can't remember which year this was..I believe it was the last year he was with the Lakers. DOG!
  9. verticle? eeeeyew. what does that mean exactly?
  10. Oh no! They looked like they were happy!
  11. I just read about this. Thats very, VERY shocking. They were both so well rounded...hmmm...
  12. Oh wow! This really surprises me. I always thought she was good for him. He seemed to really mature while he was with her.
  13. I'm not suprised, I've heard several times that he has women all over the place that she knows about. Guess she finally got tired, but what I don't get it why have another baby then divorce :confused1:
  14. Aww no. I saw them on cribs (yeah sad I know), and they looked so in love.