Shapewear for my wedding - HELP!

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  1. I'm getting married in a few weeks and I am wearing a very simple sheath? dress that is extremely delicate silk (but not charmeuse) and clingy. I am very thin and petite but anyone wearing a dress like this needs a little help from shapewear to hold all of our stuff together - not really wanting to jiggle my stuff as I walk around.

    Can you recommend any specific brands or stores to go to for this stuff (as I have never needed to buy any)? I have seen a lot of brands around but want a specific recommendation. They all look the same but I know they don't all perform the same.

    I particularly need something to create a smooth silhouette in the butt/thigh region and hold it all together tight! However, since the fabric is so light I don't want lines showing that I'm wearing it underneath. Please tell me all your tips!
  2. ^I second Spanx!
  3. Third for Spanx! That is what I am wearing underneath my wedding dress!
  4. Thanks I was going to go to Saks and look at their selection. And it's nice to know I can order it from their web site too. Thanks! Any others?
  5. I bought a Chantelle one piece. Wear it with lots
    Don't be afraid to spend lots on your shapewear.
    Check it out from all angles and while moving.
    You'll be glad when you get the pictures back.
  6. Spanx has a lower line available at Target called Assets. You can always try those as well!
  7. I 'fourth' the Spanx recommendation--in my new issue of Vogue, they did a little story on a plus size model who was going shopping, and SHE highly recommended them, too! Said they can slim you by half a size!

    I've got to be a bridesmaid at my brother's wedding in May, and I think I might order some Spanx for myself (because that plan I had for dropping 20 pounds in the next month probably isn't gonna happen!) :lol: