shapes of older classiques

  1. I'm wondering, and I don't own any myself so I'm tapping the wealth of info that lies here with you ladies,
    Why do some of the older classiques look rectangular?
    I've noticed this with more than one genuine classique from 03 and 04.

    If I had my own photo's I'd post them.

    But if you look on the listings in Achtung Balenciaga you can see there is some difference between even the red 04 and the black with pewter in there....
    Like I said, I've noticed this with a lot of genuine older bags and I'm wondering if anyone has an explanation for it?

  2. Hey Winona,

    I noticed that also! So I just compared my Cornflower with my '04 Marron. When I put them on top of one another, the dimensions seem the same. But the Marron is late '04, so maybe there is some diff with the earlier bags. Or, it could be due to use, and the stretching of the leather, as someone recently mentioned in another thread.
  3. I think the REALLY old bags were actually bigger. But I don't know if the shape was different. Mimi?
  4. my flat brass 02 season 2 is not bigger than my 06 white first and it is not stretched bigger on bottom, but i dont overstuff my bags........:smile:
  5. my flat brass '02 stretchen a bit...
  6. seahorse- but the red, is it just the angle in that photo? or is it more rectangular?? It looks almost shorter than the newer firsts. And I have seen this in a lot of bags, not just yours.
  7. It's really hard to tell, I think the overall shape is slightly different - maybe just a taddddddddddd bigger in the older flat brass bags, not positive though, because like I said it is really hard to compare. But the overall shape seems slightly different (very very slight), and I think why the flat brass bags might also look different is that the handles are not constructed the same way.
  8. ^^I agree. When I received my '03 first I thought it looked different from the '06 first I recently returned, but it's a very subtle difference and may be attributed to the aging/diff. type of leather(?)
  9. Hey, if it isn't cool to post these pictures, let me know...but I needed to add a visual to what I meant by rectangular.
    The rouge just looks more square and the black has the curvy bottom *ha*

    Since I'm not familiar with the older firsts, i'm not sure if this is from stretching or what?

    4c_2.jpg bDSCN1343.jpg
  10. No I agree that the older classiques have a different shape. It's very subtle - but it is different.
  11. My First is rectangular shaped-is this normal?

    My model no is 4540W according to the plate-is this Fall/Winter 06?
    my black first.jpg
  12. Here is a kind of "side-by-side" ('06 first on the left, '03 first on the right): Hope this helps! :flowers:
    newfirst.jpg oldfirst.jpg
  13. here's my flat brass '02 for more comparison
  14. oops.. that file's might be corrupted. i juts fixed my laptop and some files are corrupted during transfer :crybaby:
    here for the flat brass
  15. Here's my flat brass le dix. I think the difference is the rounded corners?