Shape up Shoes

  1. [​IMG] these come in 6 colors

    The secrets to the work out
    Walk on the soft, flat platform under the front, two-thirds of the shoe. The heel is not used, unless at rest. Stride normally into the next step. With each step, there is a deep vein pumping action, which greatly increases circulation in the legs and feet, reducing swelling and varicosities.

    While wearing Shape 'em Up Shoes by Orthotebb, you gently use more muscles in the entire leg, hips, rear end and as you stride forward, the lower abs and lower back. The effect is much like a combination of a gentle stair master and balancing on a BOSU board. It's not difficult and most users find walking in Shap`em Shoes by: Orthotebb becomes natural within 10-15 minutes of using them.

    Your foot naturally stretches under the sole, which combined with the lack of pressure to the heel, eases pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Relaxing back on the heels, the stretch to the back of the plantar fascia gives Plantar and Heel Spur sufferers relief much like an inclined board.

    The slight center-of-gravity forward design improves posture, which combined with the building and lengthening of hip, thigh, lower abdomen and lower back mucles, lifts the spine in alignment. They will also lessen lower back pain, if due to spinal compression.

    With a calorie burn rate of approximately two times that of standard walking in the Clogs (same for Boots, X3 for Sandals), toning and trimming is natural. Most of the toning and weight loss is in the legs, hips, and lower abdomen. These will work if you wear them for at least 30 minutes a day; it's as simple as that!
  2. I seriously think I would bust my heiney in those!
  3. similar to mbt's, but they look a lot less safe.
  4. Nike Free 5.0 does it all!
  5. Hee hee.. these look like those geisha shoes, or Chinese court shoes.

  6. Has anyone ever tried these?
  7. and just when i was thinking MBTs were the most hideous shoes ever a croc-MBT hybrid appears :wtf: :yucky:

    i know people who've found MBTs very effective though.
  8. I am seriously thinking of trying these but just wanted to see if anyone here has tried these. Do they work? I came across these shoes from an ad in July issue of Lucky but didn't realize it's been out since 2006. Somebody must have tried these right? Please advise! Thank you!
  9. I'm sorry, but these things look so stupid! LOL :roflmfao:
  10. The look of these things inspires me with a kind of fearful awe...