Shape Magazine $2.50/yr ~ HURRY!!

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  1. Thank You!!!!
  2. Got it, thanks!!
  3. thanks!!! so many mags offers from u...
  4. Thanks, just renewed!!
  5. Wow, great deal. Thank you for posting...I just signed up! :smile:
  6. Awesome deal! Signed up for 3 years- thanks!!!
  7. Fabulous....I am in!
  8. YAY! Thanks, got 2 year subscription. Now, just to make myself follow the fitness advice LMAO. Thanks so much!!
  9. thanks just got it!
  10. Just got three year subscription! Thank you!
  11. thanks a lot!
  12. Yay!! Just got 3 years, thank you. :smile:
  13. Yay! I just got it. Thank you!
  14. Thanks! I got in for 3 years :smile: