Shape magazine $2.49 a year

  1. I know this is a deals/steals forum for bags -- wasn't sure if anything else can be included here...if not, I apologize and you can delete or close the post or move it.

    I check out this page every day

    They have a deal today for Shape magazine for $2.49 a year. I have had a subscription to this magazine and enjoyed it. And for $2.49 a year.....:nuts:
  2. ebay has a lot of subscriptions even cheaper.
  3. Really? I didn't know that. What is this thing you call ebay??? LOL
  4. :biggrin: i think the last time i renewed shape, it may have been something like 3 dollars for 3 years.
  5. I was skeptical of ebay subscriptions, and I"m sure there are some cheats so just read the feedback, but I bought my bf a subscription to the economist which is normally $120 for $50! I didn't tell him that....but I it was such an awesome deal!
  6. i think i've only gotten ripped off once out of all the subscriptions i have, and it's not like you can't file with paypal or your cc co.