Shape Magazine ~ 1 Year Only $1.99

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  1. I wanted to mention that you always seem to have tons of tips on deals! Thanks for posting.
  2. ^^You're very welcome! Glad you enjoy them! :biggrin:
  3. wonderful thank you!!!!
  4. Dear Bag,
    I have to say you are the MASTER of deals&steals
  5. ^^^:blush: Thanks so much!
  6. Thanks so much, Bagachondriac!
    I ordered a 3 yr sub for $5.98. Can't beat that!
  7. yay! thank you!! :happydance::happydance:
  8. Hmm...i put in SHAPE and it took off $12, bringing it to $2.99 not $1.99...anyone else getting the same total? $2.99 is still a good deal, but $1.99 is a better deal :P
  9. ^^ same here! then i put in 2 yrs and it doubled to $5.98 hence my 2 yr sub. not sure why i didn't choose 3 yrs! i wasn't firing on all cylinders last night. sleepyyyy!
  10. awesome deal! thanks Bag! but yeah, ^ it comes down to 2.99 now and not 1.99 but still awesome!
  11. It was definitely $1.99 at the time I posted the offer, however I guess they raised it shortly thereafter. Sorry ladies.
  12. ^^ oh not a problem at all! like hydrate said, $2.99 is still awesome! i don't even think you can buy an issue for $2.99. bagachondriac, you have saved me so much in magazine subscriptions, you have no idea! my postal carrier must think that we spend too much on magazines ... if he only knew! :devil: