shape asian brows

  1. I got my eyebrows done professionally the first time. I think I was in junior high. Now, I just tweeze when necessary. Sometimes, I'll take a pair of scissors and oh-so-carefully trim the hairs that are too long and unmanageable.
  2. thanks chynaxdawl! the eyeshadow is from majolica majorca (it's a japanese brand available only in drugstores in asia that's owned by shiseido)-i have to import them but they're beautifully pigmented and the packaging is just darling :love:.

    i use these scissors to trim my eyebrows [​IMG] although i think any scissors will do. i got these at this great japanese supermarket by me, but they're available online as well. i pretty much use the comb on the scissors to comb up my eyebrows and then i just trim whatever extends above the brows if that makes sense :shrugs:. it's kind of just snip and see :p. and i just have to add it's a really bad idea to trim your eyebrows when you're in a rush :lol:.

    i know a lot of my asian friends also use razors [​IMG] on their brows as opposed to tweezing-it's much faster.
  3. ^^thanks for the info, it was really helpful!
    i'm going to go look for some of those scissors now haha.
    i actually use razors like that to shave my eyebrows too. i feel like it's cleaner than tweezing alone since it gets the thin, smaller hairs. i usually tweeze first, then shave after.
  4. the tweezing and shaving together isn't a bad idea-i'll have to try that! :tup:
  5. If your eyebrows are fresh and untouched, go to a professional!! I wish I had before I plucked anything. If not, just grow your eyebrows out for 2 months or so. It's pretty miserable because Asian eyebrows tend to fan out at the ends if you know what I mean. But the end results are worth it!

    I've never used a stencil because they were also too fat IMO. I usually go to a threading place and pluck in between visits. I agree that eyebrow scissors is a good tool especially for Asians whose hairs tend to be long and unruly.

    I must admit.. I have a tiny obsession with eyebrows. I am in search of the PERFECT eyebrow. for myself of course :smile:
  6. i am 2 caus stencils hav 2 much of an arch but i cant use the tweezers 4 all of them
  7. It has nothing to do with being asian. It's all about your face shape... if you have a square shape face i would recommend mid arch brow... if your face is round or heart shaped a high arch
  8. I wouldnt shave your eyebrows it makes it look like you have little black dots of hair trying to get through under your eye brow and you cant shave them because they havent come up yet.
  9. i shave my eyebrows on and off because i get too lazy to tweeze and it's just so much faster, but that's the main reason i try to tweeze. i'm thinking tweezing and shaving together means i can get rid of those pesky little hairs i can't really see too well or get at :shrugs:.
  10. that's the reason i shave after i get the stray hairs i couldn't get or see. i haven't really noticed too much of a problem with the black dots.
  11. I have hairy eyebrows for an Asian, and I have a lot of makeup artist friends so I have them do it for me once a month... I would recommend going to a pro, so you can just pluck the strays in between sessions.
  12. I go with my natural arches, I just pluck hair underneath and a few strays on top. I leave the "main body" of my eyebrows alone. I know I have very wide-set eyes and the inside of my brows are quite sparse, but I don't fill them in at all. Filling eyebrows are one of the most unnatural and harsh makeup procedures in my opinion. I really do NOT like how some asians pluck everything and fill them in with a thin, sharp, harsh, unnatural, and dark line. These LV modelling pix are the only up close pix I have of my face...

  13. I follow this structure. I took the pic from a Japanese magazine. I think it's easy to follow. The last pic is my brown. I have very very little brown. :sad:
    03-22-06_1217.jpg 03-22-06_1218.jpg 03-22-06_1220.jpg 04-08-06_1525.jpg
  14. Hm, thats also my problem. I do not have much hair within my brows and the problem is not just the shaping and plucking (I do not pluck lots of the hairs), but the filling with color. It just looks sooo unnatural when you fill the spaces within the brow with color (I use a eye brow pencil). It gets especially worse after some hours passed, when you get a little fatty film on your face, which makes the coloring looking glossy /shiny. Do you also have that kind of problem?
  15. nope havnt trid fillin in yet seems lik a wast of tim
    no offens