shape asian brows

  1. how in the world do i do so? can i see some pics so i can get ideas?
  2. I always seem to have a problem with my eyebrows too. I just don't know exactly how to shape them.
  3. have you ladies tried the anastasia brow stencils? i'm asian and never had too much trouble with actually shaping my brows, but these are a really great guideline to begin with.


    to use these you just basically pick the stencil that fits you the best, fill in thickly with any dark pencil, and then pluck whatever's outside the area :tup:.
  4. i bought the anastasia all about brows kit during the sephora f&f sale but the stencils were much too long for my eyebrows...i ended up just returning it. i did like the tweezers and powder though.
  5. I think it depends on your face, bone structure, the density of your eyebrow hairs. Can you get it done professionally and then try to keep it up on your own? I am Asian-American, and I really hate how our eyebrow hairs have a mind of their own. Mine grow too quickly, and I just don't trust myself to trim them in between my monthly waxing appointments.
  6. I think you should go to a pro for the first time!

    I visit mine a few times a year and I pluck the strays in between.
  7. i've learned not to pluck too much! but the best idea is to go along with your brow instead of shaping a whole new one. mine's was naturally highly arched, so i kept it; the best way is to align it to ur eyes! e.g. vertically, the beginnuing of the brow should start at ur tear ducts, and the end of the arch should align with the iris and the bottom of the nose.
  8. Great advice! You can try and hold up a pencil to mark where your brows should start/end. Good luck!
  9. I agree, go to a pro the first time. I am asian too and my eyebrows are naturally high arched too so I keep the same shape.
  10. This is a tricky question! Asians eye vary from person to person even within families! I have relatively big eyes for an Asian (with thh fold) while my sisters have have "normal" Asian eyes (with out the fold). I got my eyebrows done for the first time by a makeup artist and then I kept it up with waxes. Now I just pluck on my own, I am lucky that my eyebrows don't grow outta of control or too long! Hope that helps!
  11. wll i hav hi cheek bones, does ny1 hav ny pics of goood brows?
  12. I've been wearing mine like this since looking at japanese Kogal magazines (EGG)

    Basically I cut mine with scissors and pluck whatever's not in place, but I have to pluck a few hairs everyday and recut 3-4 days, so there wouldn't be stray hairs like in the pic lol. If I didn't care about them I'd have thicker eyebrows than a man :push:
  13. I like your eyebrows sw0pp!
  14. posted this in another thread but here are my eyebrows. i shaped them for you ladies using the anastasia medium arch stencil (and they're filled in using an anastasia brow pencil) so you can see what they look like on an actual face :lol:. i also trim my eyebrows using these little japanese brow scissors that have an attached comb. the stencils are too long for me too, but you can sort of fiddle with them to make them work for you.

  15. i love your eyeshadow!!! your brows look really nice too, almost makes me want to go rebuy the anastasia all about brows kit haha. i have noticed that a lot of asian girls (in asia) have such nice eyebrows and i know they trim them with scissors...where did you get the scissors? what exactly do you do?? i always admired how nice their eyebrows looked and how clear and white their skin is but never knew the secret.