Shantung Flower Scarf

  1. First of all I love this scarf thanks to those of you that have posted your pics of it!!

    I've talked to an SA at my local store, called 866 number and they are not aware of a scarf of this name. The lady at 866 Vuitton said that there was a Fleurs bandeau from 2006 collection....could this be it?

    Those of you that have this scarf, can you tell me where and when you got it.

    Thanks so much for your help!!
  2. HA! Mystery solved!

    It's called the Bandana Hibiscus! Turns out my SF store has it and I'm on with my SA right now ordering both blue and Beige (I don't know which one is going to look best with my Neverfull :smile:).

    I should know to always wait to post until I've finished my own detective work, but maybe this will help others too!
  3. Ahhhhh...I didn't even know they were still available. I think the blue will look really good against the Mono!!
  4. Let me also tell you how nuts I am....I'm actually allergic to silk but's it's not stopping me from tieing this beauty on my bag! I just can't touch it and then my eyes...hehe.

    Don't laugh at me when you pass me on the street, I'll be the one with the red puffy eyes, but at least my bag will look great right??
  5. wait a min, the hibiscus bandana is different to the shantung flower scarf, will try to find you a picture to show the difference...
  6. Uh oh!! Man, she described it so accurately! I'm peeved now. Can't wait to see the picture since I haven't quite ordered one yet...waiting for SA to call me back! good thing you posted though, thank you!
  7. This is the hibiscus...
  8. Thank you so much for posting and clarifying!!! Sheesh, why don't the folks at 866 know what I'm talking about when I call?
  9. I have found it (again) :smile:

    Rodeo and Ceasars have a few of each color...yellow or blue. I just purchased one of each color from Ceasars!
  10. ^^ I adore the yellow one:heart:
  11. Yes it does. The SKU numbers are MP0131 for blue and MP0132 for yellow. Rodeo and Ceasars both have a couple of each left.
  12. I'm pretty sure it comes in a green colour aswell (different to the turquoise), I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure I saw it in the draw of bandeaus
  13. It's lovely!
  14. ONe of the Hawaii girls has the turquoise and had it tied onto her neverfull at the last Hawaii TPF meet. It was sooo beatiful. Here's a pic (hope you can see it).