Shanna Moakler Leaving Mr. Chow's Last night !

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  1. [​IMG]

    Shanna Moakler trying to sneak out of Mr. Chow's with porno producer/Jenna Jameson's soon-to-be-ex-husband Jay Gardina yesterday :shame:
  2. Don't really like her, but hot bag!!! :drool:
  3. Nice custom pleaty! Jingle jingle- her walking as the charms make noise when you walk! lol
  4. Love her bag!
  5. I think she's really pretty, but trashy. I'm so used to skinny jeans these days, but her flares look so cute. I may have get a pair.
  6. Great bag, she looks good, but the dude :shrugs:
  7. that guy is a porn star..Jenna Jameson's strange!
  8. She's carring one of the new Vuitton cruise line
  9. Ditto :push:
  10. I dont like her, but her bags Hot as heck!!!
  11. So refreshing to see that this young mother of 3 has such exquisite taste in men.:throwup:
  12. love her bag! she is pretty though.
  13. EW, that guy LOOKS like a greasy slick, slimy porn star!
  14. Love the denim lv she rocks! I think she looks fabulous. For some reason I love Jay (maybe because I read Jenna Jameson´s book)