Shanna Moakler in Las Vegas, April 11

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Her body looks good!
  3. I love her!
  4. oh ick...i think she looks terrible
  5. who is she?
  6. i dont like her dress
  7. something about her make up and hair isn't right this time. . . too severe?
  8. She was always such a lazy bum on that reality show. IMO Travis always showed more attention to their kids, she doesn't impress me, always appeared to be a gold digger, first Oscar De La Hoya (baby mama) then Travis, NEXT.
  9. I was thinking the same thing...I usually think she is so pretty but something is taking away from that in these pics. I think its the makeup
  10. She is pretty but I wish she would lose the frosty eyeshadow or use it a little more sparingly. She still wears pageant queen make-up.
  11. She looks very different from her MTV days. That dress does nothing for her either.
  12. well i like her legs:s
  13. I agree about the hair and makeup. I like better her w/ softer, less styled longer hair.
  14. Why is she posing like she's on the prom setup committee?
  15. Totally agree

    She wears too much makeup and doesn't know how to dress IMO