Shanghai vs. Hong Kong

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  1. I'm planning a shopping/holidaying trip and I'm deciding between Shanghai and Hong Kong.

    The brands that I'm after will be mainly Charlotte Olympia, Acne and Helmut Lang. Which of these 2 destinations do you suggest?

    I will be visiting in January - February next year.

  2. Not sure if either city carries these brands but rule of thumb is HK is cheaper than Shangai for sure due to simple reason that HK has not GST (VAT) imposed on goods whereas the luxury tax in Shanghai or China is crazy. The Chinese always visit HK to stick up on luxury items and that should give you a good indication.
  3. I'm sure the HK girls can help u out here but there is Helmut Lang at Seibu which is a department store in Hong Kong. (I think it's a Japanese store)..
  4. I'm looking for Hong Kong shopping tips too!!!!!!! I'm looking for fur or Mongolian Lamb vest/ gilets... does anyone know where I can get one this time of the year in HK?????
  5. actually those brands you talk about are not big hit in hk... i usually buy my Acne online or from Japan... i think i saw Acne somewhere in hk, but can't remember where...

    the seibu shops in pacific place is being closed down, the same group will open a harvey nichols soon...
  6. DH & I have pre-booked a trip to Asia in early 2013.

    We end in Hong Kong. Is Shanghai worth going to? For history, sight seeing etc. (Not interested in shopping.)
  7. ^VLL, we loved Shanghai! Definately worth it. Would go back in a heartbeat.
  8. Hong Kong for Shopping.

    Shanghai is pretty lame for shopping...too overpriced and not that many cool boutiques and small fashion-y clothing stores like HK. But Shanghai is great for walking around (amazing treelined streets), for food, for seeing the architecture, etc. GREAT for sightseeing for sure.
  9. I went last year to both cities (in the same trip, too). I definitely agree that Hong Kong is going to be your best bet for shopping - especially if you're looking for foreign brands.

    Shanghai doesn't have too many shopping places, and the food was WAY better in Hong Kong.
  10. HK great for shopping and food. Shanghai great for history and culture.
  11. We went on a tour to Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong in April and the only place we would like to go back is Hong Kong. The transportation is a lot easier in HK than the other cities. I shop til I dropped in HK for asian beauty!
  12. A bit late joining but I live in HK now and lived in SH for a year. OP, you made the right choice by choosing HK for shopping!

    SH is a great city to visit and it's been cleaned up a lot since the Expo 1.5 years ago. There is quite a bit to see (old meets new China, French Concession... Don't forget SH was one of the biggest and glitziest cities in China before the war! Lots of European influence in its architecture, for example a nightly stroll along the Bund; as well as great food!)

    The brands you mentioned can be found at Lane Crawford (dept. store) which can be found at Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, Times Square in Causeway Bay and inside the IFC in Central.

    PM me if you have more questions :smile:
  13. Hk for shopping
  14. Never been to Shanghai but the shopping in HK is just FANTASTIC!
  15. I've been to both but I say HK definitely better in terms of shopping and getting around. HK is a lot cleaner and most places have english menu/signs.... public transit always have english signs too...and most ppl speaks english

    HK actually has a lot of historic sites most ppl don't know...they also have many greenlands and islands if you want to get away from the city for a day or too...most tourist don't know and they only thought of the city life

    check out hk tourism board website for more info..i think it's called discover hong kong