Shanghai Surprise (not a bag)

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  1. A necklace I picked up on a recent trip to Shanghai.

    Chamonix with silver and gold tone beads.
    2007-08-11-at-16-36-52.jpg 2007-08-11-at-16-37-43.jpg 2007-08-11-at-16-42-03.jpg
  2. WOW! Those are some amazing photographs!

    You know asa, I'd to draw the necklace on a piece of paper to show our store supervisor, and the silly me, missed out on one detail i.e. the vertical strand of chamonix coming down the middle of each ball. Only gigi doesn't miss details.

    This is so chic and modern.
  3. Asa - gorgeous :tup:

    Love it!
  4. That would have cost a lot, wouldn't it? Got Magic:p.
  5. gorgeous necklace ,havent seen it before
  6. Yes, they're really gorgeous. And you really looked good with it, asa :heart:.
  7. Asa, that necklace is really pretty! This is the First necklace that I makes my heart go pitter patter. :heart: :girlsigh:
  8. Very nice, asa!
  9. This necklace looks really unique! Totally fab!
  10. OOo:huh:h that necklace is soo beautiful :drool: congratulations !!!
  11. Asa, great buy! So beautiful....and very unusual too! :drool:
  12. asa, very pretty!
  13. It looks very special! You always have excellent taste, Asa!

  14. Great choice! That is a beautiful and unique necklace. Just lovely Asa!
  15. WOW! I'm green with envy, it's gorgeous!